Reflect/Refresh/Reframe: 14th Annual Alumni Exhibition

2021 Exhibition

After more than a year and a half of changes, restrictions, isolation, and uprisings, the Pandemic has challenged us to question what we once deemed “our normal”. As we tip-toe our way through stages of “re-opening” many are emerging with new perspectives. 

The theme of the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery’s 14th Annual Alumni Exhibition is “Reflect/Refresh/Reframe”. Artists in this online exhibition have explored this theme through many different lenses including: a new appreciation for a thing or a place that was previously overlooked; a comment on a social issue that is different now; a new skill learned; or reworking an artwork created before the pandemic started.  

Thank you to the participating artists for sharing with us how their views have changed.  

Information about each artist can be explored through the individual profile pages below.

We invite you to experience the artwork hung on the walls in the 3D gallery.

We hope you will take a moment after your visit in the 3D gallery to vote for your favorite artwork. Polls close at 3:00 pm on Thursday, November 25th

Enjoy the show!