Placement Agency Partners

Placement is a collaborative effort and we want to work with you to ensure successful placement opportunities for you and our students. 

Become a New Placement Partner

Step 1 - Choose a Program

Start by choosing the program that best suits the needs of your organization. The length of placement is different depending on the program. We suggest you connect with St. Lawrence College three months prior to the beginning of your placement opportunity however, you are encouraged to reach out to us anytime as we do our best to accommodate placement partners. View all the Placement Programs.

Step 2 - Submit an Application 

Please complete the Placement Agency Application and we will be in touch with you soon. 

Step 3 - Preparing for Placement

  • Once we determine if a pairing can be made between your agency and one of our students, St. Lawrence College will provide you with the necessary program information and coordinate additional needs to support the placement. This may include setting up an advanced meeting with the student if necessary.
  • We will also provide all necessary documentation to begin the placement, including a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). It is mandatory for you to read, sign and return a copy of the MOA to the College before placement can commence.
  • Review the Placement Supervisor Training to best prepare yourself for accepting a placement student
  • You will need to consider how to provide orientation for the student to begin their placement – see the 'What You Need to Know' section below. You will also be responsible for any additional agency-specific training requirements for students while on placement with your organization.

For information on how to support an International Student for placement, click here.

If you have any immediate questions please connect with us at or 613-544-5400 ext. 1442

How to prepare for placement

The following videos will give you an overview of roles and responsibilities we each have as cooperative partners to begin student placements:

The Agency's Responsibilities

The Student's Responsibilities

Supports Provided By The College

More About Placement

At St. Lawrence College we take safety seriously. Here are some references in case of emergency.

Reporting incidents/accidents

Reporting unusual circumstances

Providing safety training to students

Student Unusual Occurrence/Accident and Reporting 

All students are insured as per the Ministry of Colleges and Universities “Guidelines for Workplace Insurance for Postsecondary Students of Publicly Assisted Institutions on Unpaid Work Placement”

Student Insurance Coverages

Please take a moment to complete the Student Placement Feedback Form. We are looking to hear how the Student Placement Team did when preparing the student with all of the prerequisites for placements. 

Note: This section and the form are not used to evaluate the student’s academic or professional performance during their placement.  It is to evaluate our services and provide information to assist us in better preparing students to begin their placements.  For performance and academic reviews, you can email the Program Coordinator directly.

Success Stories