St. Lawrence College, through its Board of Governors, may recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals or organizations by awarding Honorary Diplomas to those whose accomplishments are of such excellence, inspiration, and leadership, that they serve as an example and inspiration for the students and graduates of our college. To that end, consideration is not limited to a community or regional nominees but may also include those individuals who represent provincial, national, or international achievement.

The recommendation of nominees for the distinction of honorary diploma is considered based on academic or social achievement, intellectual or social contribution, and resonance with the mission, vision and values of St. Lawrence College. Our criteria reflect our values of student first, teamwork, innovation, integrity and belonging. We are committed to showcasing those who role model honesty, inclusivity, and accountability as pathways to success. Nominations for the distinction of honorary diploma is a celebration of diversity, respect for differences and a sense of belonging.

Nominations are accepted year-round. Nominations received by January 2023 will be considered by the St. Lawrence College Board of Governors for our Spring 2023 convocation ceremonies. Please click here to complete the nomination form.

Honorary Diploma Criteria

  1. Overall accomplishments: What is the significance of the nominee’s contributions?
  2. Resonance with SLC mission, vision & values: Is the nominee’s accomplishments in support of, and in alignment with the mission, vision, and values of the college? 
  3. Resonance and relevance to graduates and guests: Will the nominee’s presence, message, or representation resonate with the graduates and audience?
  4. Community Engagement: Has the nominee positively impacted their local and broader community?
  5. Belonging: We believe honesty, inclusivity, and accountability as the pathways to success. As our communities continue to evolve, we look to create a sense of belonging for our students, teams, and partners and have pledged to celebrate diversity, respect our differences, value contributions, and foster an environment where everyone feels they can participate without discrimination.
    Does this nominee demonstrate alignment with the college’s value of belonging?