International Education

Completing your higher education at St. Lawrence College (SLC) is the first step on your journey to a rewarding career in Canada, or anywhere in the world.

Join our welcoming, supportive college community. SLC has three campuses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall, Ontario, in the heart of 1000 Islands along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. Located just a few hours away from major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, SLC is ideal for immersing yourself in Canadian culture and exploring much of what Ontario has to offer.

To help you succeed at SLC and achieve your goals, our dedicated team provides one-on-one support throughout your education.

SLC Opens Doors

St. Lawrence College has a dedicated group of staff members who speak various languages to help you make the most out of this experience and to help you adjust and succeed to the best of your ability. The international office staff take a lot of pride in making your dreams of studying abroad come true and helping you become part of the SLC college community. 

International Student Resources