Office of the President

President’s Advisory College Council

The President’s Advisory College Council reports to the President & CEO and provides a means for staff and students of St. Lawrence College to offer advice and feedback on matters of importance.

The President’s Advisory College Council:

Promotes communication and consultation and demonstrates the values of St. Lawrence College;

Represents the college community and includes representatives from the student body, faculty, administrative staff and support staff; and,

Is a forum for receiving input/feedback and forwarding the input and feedback, along with any council recommendations, to the appropriate decision making body within the College (i.e. Academic Council, CLT, CET).

The President’s Advisory College Council provides a vehicle for staff, faculty and students to be consulted and provide input on the following matters related to St. Lawrence College including Student life/services, College Services, Technology integration, Campus sustainability matters, Broad college system issues, College promotion and Educational services.

As agreed to at the December 19, 2019 Board of Governors meeting, all St. Lawrence College employees and students are considered members of PACC thus allowing all stakeholders the opportunity to share feedback and ideas with the President.

Meetings of PACC will take place regularly and through channels ranging from open forum events such as College Conversations and meetings with Student Government. Regular surveys and opportunities to share feedback following such events will also be available.

As per the Ministry of Colleges and Universities Governance and Accountability Framework, College Boards of Governors are to ensure that an advisory college council is established, the purpose of which is to provide a means for students and staff of the college to provide advice to the president on matters of importance to students and staff. The board of governors is to ensure that the structure, composition, terms of reference and procedures for the council are established in by-law. A report from this advisory council shall be included in each college’s annual report.