Governance and Administration

Final responsibility for the planning, establishment and co-ordination of programs of instruction and services in the 24 colleges of applied arts and technology rests with the provincial Ministry of Colleges and Universities. The Minister is assisted by the Ontario Council of Regents, which consists of a Chair and members representing the broad spectrum of citizens from various parts of the province who are appointed for three-year renewable terms by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Council's responsibilities are of an advisory nature.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors has the flexibility to respond effectively to the post-secondary and adult education needs of our local communities and is responsible for establishing policies for the day-to-day operation of St. Lawrence College.

Executive Committee

Glenn Vollebregt, President & CEO
Megan Sheppard, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services & CFO
Erin Farrell, Acting Senior Vice President, Corporate Services & CFO
Kathy O'Brien, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications & Advancement
Michael Cooke, Interim Vice President, Academic
Grant McMichael, Vice President, Belonging, Human Resources & Organizational Development
Shelley Aylesworth-Spink, Vice President, Student Success

Program Advisory Committees

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) consist of experts in their fields of work who volunteer to assist the Board of Governors in monitoring program quality and supporting student success. Advisory Committee members are critical to the success of our students by helping us keep our programs current and relevant to the needs of the marketplace

Biographical Data for Members of Program Advisory Committees - Form


The College administration carries out the policy decisions of the Board of Governors and reports directly to the Board on the activities in the College. The President is the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Board. There are six other members of the senior executive committee responsible for Academic, Finance, Corporate Services, Government Relations and Communications, and Education & Information Technologies.