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My Culture is Not A Costume: Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Appreciation
With Halloween approaching, Carmen Law, Director, Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, shares an important distinction between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation, resources to learn more, and questions for self-reflection if you are unsure how to decide if something is cultural appropriation. 
Miigwech (Thank You) From Helena Neveu, Knowledge Keeper in Residence
As recent events and important dates related to Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being wrap up, Helena Neveu, Knowledge Keeper in Residence at SLC has taken a moment to share her thoughts and some additional resources to ensure the SLC community continues to participate and learn.
Health Care Administration Students Traveled to Hear World-Renowned Palliative Care Physician
On October 13, Capstone Research students from SLC’s Health Care Administration (HCA) program travelled with professor Ekta Singh to the Carleton Dominion Chalmers Centre in Ottawa to see the world-renowned palliative care physician, author, and counsellor Dr. BJ Miller.
NEXT Webinar Series - Fintech and the Future of Transactions
St. Lawrence College’s School of Business announces the upcoming segment in their NEXT Webinar Series, Friday, October 28, at 12pm EST. The webinar will focus on fintech and the future of transactions. What are the trends in fintech and how with they affect the future of banking and other transactions? The NEXT Webinar Series is FREE to all participants.
Test Centre Services at SLC
St. Lawrence College Testing Services provide tri-campus support for most disability-related assessment needs. The long-awaited new Integrated Test Centre, Kingston Campus is now open. This state-of-the-art assessment centre utilizes innovative space and technology to create a distraction reduced environment for assessment, while ensuring academic integrity and delivery of high-quality invigilation services.