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A collage of photos showing the new integrated test centre reception desk, individual cubicles, and a private test room.
The new state-of-the-art Integrated Test Centre, Kingston Campus is now open, located on the second floor in Room 22160.

Story submitted by Caryn Langstaff, M.Sc., SLP, Director of Health, Wellness & Accessibility 

St. Lawrence College Testing Services provide tri-campus support for most disability-related assessment needs. We provide a wide range of services to students in need of accommodations, admission assessments, resolved scheduling conflicts, missed tests, and external examinations. Student Wellness & Accessibility offers academic assessment accommodations for students whose functional limitations necessitate such accommodations. 

The Test Centre can also provide a variety of testing services to internal and external clients. The Test Centre may help coordinate staffing for additional proctoring needs of academic departments in exceptional circumstances. Priority staffing is to meet the needs of students with academic accommodations in the Centre, however, requests for non-accommodated in-class proctoring support can be made to the appropriate campus Test Centre by email with five (5) business days’ notice.

New Integrated Test Centre in Kingston

The long-awaited new Integrated Test Centre, Kingston Campus is now open. This state-of-the-art assessment centre utilizes innovative space and technology to create a distraction reduced environment for assessment, while ensuring academic integrity and delivery of high-quality invigilation services. The new space is located on the second floor in Room 22160. This assessment space replaces both the lower-level Accessible Test Centre and the existing second floor Test Centre. 

This innovative space includes:

  • A large assessment area, with individual cubicles
  • Audio and visual monitoring systems
  • Distraction-reduced, one-way observation glass
  • Individual lockers for storage of all personal items and personal technology
  • Secure laptop devices for digital assessment
  • Individual testing rooms for unique accommodation requirements
  • Assistive Technology Lab adjacent to the Centre

All requests for testing accommodations and Test Centre use continue to be submitted by faculty via the Testing Services Invigilation Request MS Form. As well, all requests for assessment scheduling within the Test Centre should be made five (5) business days in advance of the assessment.

Given academic delivery is both in person and via alternative delivery, it will be important to ensure digital format for assessments are available for accommodation planning (i.e., paper-based testing, should be the exception, and can only be considered for students with on-campus programming). 

For further information relating to the Test Centre, please visit our website or contact our respective campus teams at:

As a reminder, the Test Centre is intended for students registered with Student Wellness & Accessibility for approved academic accommodations and by students making up tests with faculty approval. To clarify queries regarding Test Centre function, below are examples of activities outside the scope of the Test Centre.  The Test Centre is not:

  • an alternate site for regular classroom tests
  • to be used for reviewing or storing tests
  • responsible for printing, copying, or assembling tests or test materials and instructions

On behalf of the Test Centre team, tri-campus, we are so pleased to have this new Centre now available to our students, and look forward to supporting faculty with students’ academic assessment accommodation needs.

For additional information, please feel free to contact:

Caryn Langstaff, M.Sc., SLP 
Director of Health, Wellness & Accessibility

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