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Harmonizing Beauty and Science: A Chemical Collaboration
In an exciting initiative this term, students in our Esthetics program embarked on a fascinating journey into the realm of chemistry, exploring the science behind the skincare products they use professionally. The program's initial stages introduced them to fundamental chemical concepts including types of matter, mixture classification, chemical bonding, and pH levels.
Navigating Emerging Trends: Student's Perspective
On Thursday, January 18th, second-year Advertising Marketing Communications (AMC) students and Media Arts Fundamentals students attended Converge 2024: Navigating Trends at the Intersection of Arts, Media and Design, a panel featuring industry professionals, each equipped with years of experience to share.  
Student Experience Survey, 2024
SLC’s Student Experience Survey launches on January 29, 2024 for students in their second semester or higher at SLC and our partner Alpha College. This is the College’s fourth year of distributing the survey online in partnership with OCAS. 
Students Create Mental Health Lounge in Brockville 
Hiring students is a great way to introduce them to experiential learning and work ethics. They can be supported by providing tasks that help them gain the most practice related to the program they are studying, which could possibly lead to facilitating the transition between their career path and job finding.  Students are employed all around the St. Lawrence College (SLC) campus which gives them the chance to gain new experiences and the opportunity to use applicable knowledge.
SLC Business – Marketing Students Learn Effective Intercultural Communication 
At the end of the fall semester, first year students in the Business – Marketing program delivered final presentations on what they learned in their Introduction to Intercultural Communication class. The course, taught by Cathy Lemmon, encourages students to reflect on their own cultures and learn about others through various theoretical perspectives.