This is SLC: Our College News

KFL&A Public Health Update for Post-Secondary Students on IMD
Kingston campus students received an email with information from KFL&A Public Health on Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) and specifically meningococcal B (MenB). Anyone interested in more information about these infections can visit for details.  
Awards of Excellence Nominees 
SLC is proud to have contributed seven nominations for the 2024 CICan Awards of Excellence which promote excellence of Canadian colleges and institutes and showcase the extraordinary contributions of individuals. Winners will be announced in April at the 2024 CICan Connection Conference, and are recognized at three levels of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 
Bridging Faculties Through Creativity and Professional Development 
In an inspiring display of interdepartmental collaboration, students from three distinct faculties - Esthetics, Media Arts Fundamentals, and Health Care Administration - joined forces this term to create a vibrant community of learning and professional growth.  Our talented Estheticians, engaged in the ESTH 43 – Makeup course, embarked on a journey to master various makeup styles, starting the term with a focus on professional looks. Recognizing an opportunity for cross-departmental synergy, Aba Mortley of the Esthetics department reached out to Jonathan Sugarman of Media Arts Fundamentals, Kellie Daniel and Ekta Singh from Health Care Administration, proposing an innovative collaborative project. 
Disposable Coffee Cup Social Office Experiment
The Office of Sustainability is thrilled to see SLC students taking the initiative and showing climate leadership. Project Management and Digital Marketing and Communications student, Daniel Solorio, is a great example, with his recent coffee waste-reduction project. Daniel is passionate about coffee, and environmentally conscious, and was struck by the dichotomy between choosing what we know is right, and what is easy when it comes to daily routines.
Enhancing Student Experiences Beyond the Classroom
As part of our ongoing commitment to student success, a cross-college committee has been working to develop SLC’s inaugural college-wide Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program. Co-curricular recognition provides a framework for increasing access to student life activities and it directly supports St. Lawrence College’s student enrichment objectives. By recognizing and encouraging student engagement in opportunities beyond the classroom, the CCR will serve as a tool to help students make meaning of their experiences, reflect on learning outcomes, and articulate their professional skill sets.