Student-run TEDx event coming to St. Lawrence College
A student-run TEDx event will take place on St. Lawrence College’s Brockville campus on Friday, January 25. Organized by St. Lawrence College student Chad Izatt, TEDxSLCBrockville brings together several speakers from the Brockville and college community to deliver TED-style talks meant to inspire students.
Bridge to Employment program helps St. Lawrence College graduates get jobs
A new program piloted at St. Lawrence College (SLC) last fall and continuing this winter helps graduates gain employment in their field by learning “soft” skills, such as work ethic, communication, time management, problem-solving, self-confidence, and more.
St. Lawrence College celebrates research and partnerships​
St. Lawrence College (SLC) will host a showcase to celebrate the success of its research activities, with presentations from SLC faculty researchers and students, industry partners, economic development partners, as well as government grant agencies. The event, Research Happens Here, will be held on January 31 from 1 pm to 4 pm.
Grand Opening of the Centre for Behavioural Studies at St. Lawrence College​
St. Lawrence College (SLC) will host a grand opening of the Centre for Behavioural Studies on Wednesday, January 16. The grand opening is the culmination of the Hello Future Capital Project, the largest expansion and renewal project in the history of St. Lawrence College.
St. Lawrence College adopts new policy on free speech​
St. Lawrence College (SLC) will be posting a new policy on free speech that has been endorsed by all of Ontario’s 24 colleges.