St. Lawrence College welcomes new members to senior team
St. Lawrence College (SLC) has added two new members to its senior administrative team, Rick Anderson as Vice President, Student Affairs, and Theresa Steger as Dean, Program Planning, Development and Renewal.
New and improved mental health and wellness care introduced at St. Lawrence College
St. Lawrence College (SLC) students will now be able to access new and expanded mental health services on its Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall campuses, encouraging anyone seeking help to receive the supports they need. 
New pathway agreement between St. Lawrence College and Saint Paul University
A new educational pathway between St. Lawrence College (SLC) and Saint Paul University in Ottawa will allow graduates from seven programs to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in two more years, with 60 transfer credits to the university program.
St. Lawrence College “depaves” parking lot to put up paradise​
St. Lawrence College (SLC) is partnering with Red Squirrel Conservation Services to transform 180m2 of parking lot into green space for an Indigenous Gathering Space for staff and students to learn about Indigenous culture, perform traditional ceremonies, and grow traditional medicines.
St. Lawrence College wins sustainability award ​
St Lawrence College (SLC) has recently won the Greatest Green House Gas (GHG) Reduction Award from Sustainable Kingston’s Green Economy Program for the second year in a row.