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What is an Honours Bachelor degree from an Ontario Community College?

An Honours Bachelor degree refers to a program of studies that provides the student not only with the necessary academic background but also the field experience required to develop skills essential for success in today’s marketplace. This unique type of undergraduate degree gives the student a solid foundation in theory and experience to allow success in many diverse and challenging careers immediately upon graduation.

All baccalaureate degrees offered by Ontario's Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAATs) and its Institutes of Technology & Advances learning (ITALs) are four year (120 credit) degrees and are quality ensured by an arm's length agency, the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB).

The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has reviewed the Honours Bachelor degree program and has determined that it has met or exceeded these rigorous standards of learning.

Ontario College Degree Programs

There are numerous honours bachelor degree programs at Ontario colleges, approved by the MTCU.

Differences between a University Degree in General Psychology and a College Degree in Behavioural Psychology

While both settings offer a degree level of classroom instruction, there are a number of key differences in terms of:

  • Faculty background & skills;
  • Opportunities for work experience or co-op to develop applied skills;
  • Ability to start a career in social services upon graduation;
  • Opportunities for further graduate and undergraduate education.

These are further detailed in the attached PDF document.