International Student Advisors

international students throughout their educational journey at St. Lawrence College, from pre-departure to graduation.

St. Lawrence College (SLC) has a team of International Student Advisors (ISAs) that provide support services to ensure your experience at SLC is positive and rewarding.

Our ISAs are Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) who can help students with accurate and timely immigration advice relating to their status as a student in Canada.

International Student Advisors can help you:

  • Prepare to come to Canada with immigration advice and workshops, and pre-departure information
  • Settle in Canada through housing assistance
  • Transition and adjust to life in Canada
  • Gain familiarity with your campus
  • Become involved in the SLC community
  • Attend events and find ways to have fun and learn about different cultures
  • Feel supported if you experience culture shock and homesickness
  • Find information on financial assistance
  • Connect with services in the College and in the community


"SLC Experience: As an international student, Canada was a whole new step for me. After being enrolled in St. Lawrence College, Cornwall as an Environmental Technician student, I was always inquisitive about the culture over here and started making new friends. Gradually, I received help from my peers and teachers not only for curriculum but other extra and co-curricular activities. Thus, the experience became truly a great one! "
Arth Shah
"SLC Experience: Canada welcomed me in Jan 2019 with its white snow. A lovely environment with diverse cultural groups united by love and humanity. With a little fear inside me along with lots of expectations, I started my studies here. As the days went on, I created great bonding with all my peers and faculty members. SLC gave me an opportunity to interact and connect with people from different cultural backgrounds, languages, and ethnicity. "
Sivas Narayanan
"Hello. I am a student of Computer System Technician Diploma at St. Lawrence College. It is a great platform for learning, acquiring information and making new friends from different communities. The international advisory office is always there to support the international students. Grateful to be a part of St. Lawrence College. I always feel pleased re-living the memories I made at this place."
Preetraj Singh Dhillon
"It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the SLC family. Anything we wish for and Voila! It’s there on the campus. It's always a treat to be there and get a comfortable feel. I always appreciate the efforts put forward by the distinguished faculty team to make the course more interesting and easier to go through. Various study materials and resources like peer tutoring are available for students. "
Shivani Sharma
"SLC Experience: I’m very grateful to be part of SLC. The staff is one of the kindest I know, and has helped and supported me in everything I’ve needed."
Blanca Espinoza

Contact Information 

  • Jackie QuailInternational Student Advisor613-544-5400,
  • Carolina Palmer
    International Student Advisor
    613-544-5400, ext.1564
  • Jammie Bannon
    International Student Advisor
    613-345-0660, ext.3373
  • Francine Desnoyers, RISIA
    International Student Advisor
    613.933.6080, ext.2330