Academic Calendar

Important dates 2021-2022

Some programs follow a different calendar. Please contact your school or program coordinator.


2021-2022 Academic Year

SLC Services Fair & Pre-Orientation Programs


New faculty start

August 23

Full-time faculty/program coordinators return to work (most faculty)

August 30

Orientation Day

September 7

First day of classes

September 8

College closed – Thanksgiving Day

October 11

(BScN) study week

October 11 to 15

Fall study week

October 25 to 29

(BScN) Last day of classes

December 7

(BScN) Exams

December 9 to 23

Last day of classes

December 17

Grades due

December 22


2021-2022 Academic Year

Apprenticeship programs - first day of classes

January 10

BScN first day of classes

January 10

Orientation Day

January 17

First day of classes (returning students and most trades programs)

January 17

First day of classes (new students)

January 18

College closed – Family Day

February 21

BScN study week

February 21 to 25

Winter study week (most programs; check with your coordinator)

March 7 to 11

BScN Last day of classes

April 8

College closed – Good Friday

April 15

BScN Exams

April 11 to 22

Last day of classes

April 29

Grades due

May 4


2021-2022 Academic Year

Orientation Day (First-Semester Students)

First Day of Classes (Returning Students)

May 9

First day of classes (New Students)

May 10

College closed – Victoria Day

May 23

Last day before vacation – all full-time faculty/program coordinators

June 24

Spring/summer study week

June 20 to June 24

Faculty vacation period

June 27 to August 26

College closed – Canada Day

July 1

College closed – Civic Holiday

August 1

Last day of classes

August 5

Grades due

August 10