First Generation Students

Congratulations on taking this journey!


You have the potential. We have the resources. 

At St. Lawrence College, we are committed to our vision of Students First. We understand that each individual has unique needs and you may have potential barriers keeping you from pursuing post-secondary education. The STRIVE program works in three areas to support students pursing post-secondary education: Outreach, Transition and Retention.

Through a new funding initiative, we are enhancing our outreach services to make college a viable option for individuals who may not have considered post-secondary education. If you are a student who identifies with having barriers to achieving success, the STRIVE program is here for YOU!

What we currently offer on campus to support our students:

  • Assistance in accessing and connecting to college services and resources
  • A safe environment to discuss issues important to students
  • Support with the transition to college life
  • One-on-one academic and career advisement
  • And much more!


The STRIVE team at St. Lawrence College includes alumni, faculty, even some who would have identified as STRIVE students themselves, who all share a passion to help you succeed! Our role is to support you in anything you need while a student at St. Lawrence. Get to know about your team below, and we hope to see you this year.

If you aren't sure who to contact, please email

Jeremy Mastin
Role: Access & Inclusion Coordinator

Phone: 613.544.5400, ext. 1590
Room: located in Student Services

Crystal Graveline
Role: Student Success Facilitator
Phone: 613.345.0660, ext. 3341
Room: 282b

Robert Pearson
Role: Student Success Facilitator

phone: 613.933.6080, ext. 2310
Room: M1320

Shirley Chaisson
Role: Access & Inclusion Advisor

phone: 613.933.6080, ext. 2365
Room: A103

STRIVE Services

How do I get support? Workshops!

We have a huge variety of workshops, some but not all are listed below. They are completely free, informal and offered numerous times throughout the semester. Here are some potential workshop topics - watch your email for details on the next offering

  • Budgeting
  • Concentration & Memory Tips
  • Creating Presentations
  • Note Taking
  • Presentation Skills/Dress for Success
  • Procrastination/Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills/Test Taking
  • Textbook Reading Strategies

Support Services

Indigenous Supports are available to all Indigenous students (proof of status not required) including connecting with community resources, assisting with band funding, and much more!

Student Wellness & Accessibility provides short-term counselling, academic accommodations and other supports for students who identify as struggling with personal issues and/or as a student with a learning, physical or mental health disability.

Student Success Facilitators provide support and resources to help you achieve your academic and personal goals. These include adjusting to College life, finding College resources, obtaining a peer tutor, understanding how to develop the academic skills you will need, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A STRIVE student means you may have had to overcome some challenges or barriers in order to start your journey at SLC and you may need some extra support or guidance to achieve success while at college.

No documentation required! This is a self-identification program.

Lots of reasons!

  • Fun social events - we get together as a group and have lunches, contents, and most important fun!
  • We understand your unique needs as being part of the First Generation community
  • SWAG - show your SLC spirit with some great items sporting our college!

It's Easy!
There are a few different ways

  1. Email and let us know you're a STRIVE student
  2. Visit a STRIVE team member on your prospective campus

Yes! We have events throughout the school year! Lunches, games, contests, workshops, social gatherings and more!

We offer one-on-one support to:

  • Review study/class skills
  • Life skills
  • Set goals
  • Create career/program path
  • And more!

We can also connect you with other services:

This is always a tricky question! We can come up with a plan, make sure you’re on the correct path, course, and to have supports in place for you to succeed. We will also set goals, not only the final goal, but also all the smaller goals which help you achieve the final goal. Connect with us!

Connect with us and we will fill you in!


First Generation Bursary



The Ministry on Ontario Colleges and Universities has provided SLC with funding to support our First Generation Students with financial need.   

This is an application-based bursary.

All applications are reviewed and graded by a selection committee before recipients are chosen. 

All the conditions below MUST be met to be considered for the First Generation Bursary:

  • Neither of my parent(s)/guardian(s) attended post-secondary studies in any country
  • I am not an International Student
  • I am currently enrolled as a student at St. Lawrence College (full or part time)
  • I am enrolled in a certificate, diploma, or degree program at St. Lawrence College
  • I meet the Ontario residency requirements 
  • I do not have a post-secondary certificate, diploma, and/or degree (Arts & Science/Pre-Health is exempt)

Must be returning to St. Lawrence College in the Winter 2022 semester



  1. All applications must be submitted online.
  2. A link will be emailed to you so you can update/complete your application until the deadline.  
  3. You can update your application even AFTER you have clicked submit.
  4. Answer the Application written questions fully
    • These questions are a large component of the selection process. One sentence is not enough
  5. Your application may be deemed ineligible and not reviewed if:
    • Your application is incomplete.
    • Your budget information is wrong (i.e. wrong OSAP, inaccurate life expenses, etc)
    • You do not meet the eligibility requirements listed on the application.
  6. It is STRONGLY recommended to complete the application on a computer.

Well it is very simple! We are a self-identification program and there are a few ways to let us know!

When you applied at, you may have checked yes to say you are a First Generation Student. If not or can't remember, email us at and we'll make sure you're on our list!

If you are a St. Lawrence College full-time or part-time student whose parents or guardians did not attend college, university, or an apprenticeship program, you are part of our First Generation Student communities. Any siblings may have attended/be attending a post-secondary education program.

First Generation services has now expanded to serve a more diverse student population! We will still continue to serve First Generation students but with a larger focus on all individuals needing extra support to succeed at college. SLC’s FG program is now STRIVE. Check out our STRIVE page to see if you would benefit from our new program!

Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) are individuals who are legally responsible for the care of the student.

Absolutely! Being First Generation is solely based on your parent/guardian attendance to post-secondary.

It's Easy!
There are a few different ways

  1. When you applied, you checked off First Generation Student on your Ontario Colleges application
  2. Email and let us know you're a First Generation Student