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The Academic Support Centre Tutoring Service supports students' skill development by offering students in all St. Lawrence College programs access to free resources and tutoring services in English writing & literacy, math, science, accounting, and other core subject areas. Consult the schedules below to find the tutoring hours currently available on each campus or examine the topic areas listed for more information regarding our services.

Update as of the 2022–2023 academic school year:

To view the tutors’ availability and book an appointment with an Academic Support Centre tutor, please visit

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General Information Regarding Academic Support Center Services

Students attending St. Lawrence College are eligible to receive one-on-one or group tutoring through the Academic Support Centre (ASC) located in the Campus Library.

Students can book a tutor for a 30-minute or 1-hour session, in which the tutor will answer questions, provide feedback, and explain key ideas or formatting related to the help topic or subject.

Multiple students seeking help for the same topic or subject may request a group tutoring session. ASC staff will also offer drop-in group tutorials for some topics/subjects.

From time to time, ASC staff will provide guided study group sessions for certain courses/topics.

Throughout each semester, ASC staff will host weekly or bi-weekly workshops addressing topics ranging from referencing and citing techniques to using a scientific calculator.

Note: The nature of academic support offered each term is dependent on the nature of courses/programs offered and the demand for help. Therefore, students are encouraged to check the ASC Help Schedule on a weekly basis throughout each term to check what services are currently offered.

If students are seeking help in a general skill area that does not seem to be covered in the ASC schedule, they are encouraged to contact the Centre at to check whether tutors can offer support for the subject or redirect them to another college service.

Tutoring Information

Writing tutoring is available to all students wishing to improve their writing skills and is typically offered as one-on-one, structured tutor-tutee sessions.

Writing Tutor: Book time with this tutor profile to receive help and guidance related to the writing process. Help topics include essay/paragraph structure; grammar, punctuation, and spelling; citation and referencing techniques; and other rules related to professional writing.

Help Topics Include Students Can Seek Help With

Spelling and punctuation

Business reports


Technical reports

Clarity and flow


Referencing and citing

Cover letters

Essay and paragraph structure

Research essays

Tutors are available to help with certain topics relating to the core subjects found in most programs. Students can visit the Math Centre for help with the following:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Statistics
  3. Accounting
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. Anatomy
  7. Physics

Mathematics/Statistics Tutor: Book time with this tutor profile to receive help with the mathematics or statistics found in most core subjects. Help topics include but are not limited to calculus, algebra, computation techniques, problem-solving, statistics, probability, financial math, and unit conversions. 

Accounting/Finance Tutor: Book time with this tutor if your help topic is found in an accounting or finance-related course. These courses are typically offered through the School of Business.

ScienceTutor: Book time with this tutor profile for help in science-related courses such as chemistry, biology, anatomy, or nursing.

How to Access and use tutoring time

All Academic Support Centre tutor profiles can be found under the SLC Student Bookings website hosted by WC Online. Here is the link to SLC Student Bookings:

  1. Go to the SLC Student Bookings page here:
  2. If you are new to the site, register for an account. If you have previously registered, log in to view the tutoring schedule.
  3. Once logged into, you will see important messages displayed at the top followed by the Academic Support Centre Tutor Schedule. The current weekly schedule is displayed. Click on the calendar icon to view dates in the future.
  4. Locate the correct tutor profile from the list on the left and choose your desired date and time by clicking on a white square. A window will pop up with more information about your booking.
  5. Read carefully through the tutor profile to ensure you are booking time with the correct tutor.
  6. Answer the required questions in the fields provided. Choose “Online 50-minute Microsoft Teams Session” to meet with a tutor via Microsoft Teams. Choose “Written Feedback” if you prefer to have a tutor provide a document containing written feedback on your writing or question. In-person tutoring options occur within the support centres on each campus, and in-person appointments can only be booked with on-campus tutors and occur at the campus indicated on the tutors’ profiles.
  7. Upload any necessary documents to help the tutor understand your question.
  8. Attend the session at the appropriate time, or review the feedback uploaded by the tutor.
  1. Book your appointment for your desired date, time, and campus using SLC Student Bookings.
  2. Visit the Academic Support Centre location on campus at the time of your appointment, bringing any questions or documents. Drop-in hours will be posted for writing, math, science, and accounting help, but booking an appointment will ensure there is time available and reserved. Students experiencing any unusual symptoms of illness should not come to campus; appointments can be changed to an online medium or cancelled as needed.
  1. Book your appointment for your desired date and time using SLC Student Bookings.
  2. After booking your appointment, your assigned tutor will set up a Microsoft Teams calendar appointment for the time specified/booked in SLC Student Bookings.
  3. At or a few minutes before your scheduled time, open Microsoft Teams and join the video or audio meeting with your tutor.
  4. Please have your questions or documents prepared to upload in the chat window, if applicable.
  5. Note that if you book the first timeslot in a tutor's shift, there may be a slight delay as your tutor sets up your Teams appointment upon receiving the notification.
  1. Book your appointment during your desired date and time using SLC Student Bookings.
  2. Upload your document at the bottom of the appointment window at least one hour in advance of the start of your appointment time.
  3. A tutor will respond by commenting on your work and uploading a copy of the document to your appointment window within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.
  4. When you receive notification that your appointment has been edited, return to the bottom of the appointment window, and download the document containing your tutor's comments.


The written feedback option also applies to questions related to math, science, accounting, etc.

Peer Tutoring may also be an option for those who need support with specific courses in programs. Peer Tutors provide practice and review of course material to help students enhance their understanding of the course content. Peer Tutoring is available for most courses in most programs but is subject to Peer Tutor availability. If you are interested in receiving Peer Tutoring, please learn more by visiting the Peer Tutoring page.

Guidelines for students

Book your appointment early.

Spots fill up quickly. Be prepared.

Arrive on time.

Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late will forfeit their appointment.

Bring a hard copy.

Tutors should not read computer screens for a lengthy period, and issues are often easier to identify in print form.

Tutoring sessions are confidential.

The Writing Centre is a small confidential space. Friends must wait outside the Centre unless a group session has been arranged in advance.

Be respectful.

Please turn off or mute your mobile phone when receiving help.

Take an active role.

Tutors provide advice, explanation, and helpful suggestions. Students make changes to their work and remain responsible for the end product.

Contact Us

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613.544.5400, ext. 1693

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