International Students must have valid documents to be able to stay and study in Canada.

International students must abide by all policies set by Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) while studying in Canada. It is your responsibility as a temporary resident in Canada to keep your documents up to date, and follow the rules set by the Canadian government.

In Canada, you must have a license to provide immigration advice. International Students Advisors at SLC have Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA) licenses, and are available to advise you, assist you with renewing your permits, and help you understand immigration policies in Canada. The International Centre provides monthly workshops, and individual appointments to assist you with any immigration questions. We also invite representatives from IRCC to deliver Permanent Residence workshops on campus to help you plan long term in Canada.

Visitors, workers and students can apply online for faster processing times. Students are encouraged to apply online to extend their study permit, Temporary Resident Visa, and/or apply or renew their work permits. If you have already submitted a paper application, please do not submit an electronic application as this will not speed up the process.

All information and policies are from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We advise you to always check the IRCC website to review up-to-date rules and policies about your immigration status.