Skip to content Skip to footer site map (also known as Road Safety Association of Ontario - RSAO), our long-time teaching partner of motorcycle training administer the delivery, registration and operation of the motorcycle and Spyder training courses.

RSAO is devoted to motorcycle safety and delivers quality motorcycle training. They provide expert instructors and curriculum approved by the Ministry of Transportation. 

Courses remain at St. Lawrence College Kingston Campus and motorcycle training courses will be coming to Cornwall as well. For more information on licensing requirement, course schedule/details and to register go to



Introduction to Motorcycling

M2 (M1 Exit)

M2 Exit


Graduated Licensing


You can only obtain your M1 license by going to a Ministry of Transportation Driver Examination Centre and taking a written test and an eyesight test.

Your M1 license must be kept for 2 months, and cannot be used for more than 3 months. The M1 allows you to ride a motorcycle on the road, but with the following restrictions:
A. You cannot ride at night.
B. You cannot carry passengers.
C. You cannot ride on roads with speed limits in excess of 80 km/h. 
D. You cannot drink and ride (Blood Alcohol Content must be zero).

At any time during this 3 month period, you can register for, and take the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program. When you pass, you can then go to a Drive Test Centre with your ID and get your M2 license. If your 2 month time period has not expired, you will be required to wait until the 2 months have passed.


Your M2 license must be kept for a minimum of 18 months. The only restriction on your M2 license is that you still are not allowed to drink and ride (a very sensible idea under any circumstances). The maximum length of time before your M2 expires is five years. Within the 18 month to 5 year time frame, you must try a test for your permanent M license (courses are available). If you allow the five years to elapse, the Ministry will cancel your motorcycle license. If you take and pass the M2 Exit course you can then go to a Drive Test Centre with your ID to get you your permanent M license.