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St. Lawrence College students harvest low-cost recipes to promote healthy eating

2014-08-11, 1:44 PM

Food Cents, the program run by Enactus St. Lawrence College (SLC), is proud to announce that the fourth edition of Recipes for an Empty Wallet is now available. This edition includes new recipes, as well as a section dedicated to cooking with slow cookers. This fall alone, 11,000 cookbooks have been ordered

Emilie McIntosh, Food Cents Co-Lead  to Enactus SLC explains, “The cookbook will be distributed to OSAP recipients and emergency bursary applicants at all three SLC campuses, in addition to the Kingston Military Families Centre and Partners In Mission Food Bank. The book is also available at the SLC Kingston campus bookstore and online for order through Follett of Canada.“

Chef Professor Thomas Elia, states, “It’s essentially a manual that educates readers about nutrition, food preparation, and effective grocery shopping. The cookbook highlights foods such as millet and lentils, which are low cost versatile products that provide a multitude of benefits to consumers.”

“Recipes for an Empty Wallet acknowledges the pricing and budget constraints that students and community members face. These constraints make it extremely difficult for them to eat healthily while staying within budget,” says Noemie Halle-Ducassa, Food Cents Co-Lead. “It is vital for the purchaser to know to prepare food along with how to shop.”

Enactus SLC seeks to make the Food Cents program, including Recipes for an Empty Wallet, available to all. The program also includes a wide variety of video tutorials to assist readers shop, cook, and eat healthily eating on a budget. The tutorials can be found on Enactus SLC’s YouTube channel, Enactus St. Lawrence College. Train-the-trainer videos and facilitation guides will soon be available to help agencies deliver the Food Cents program.  Enactus SLC continues to look for opportunities to link the book to courses and individuals who face food insecurity.

Recipes for an Empty Wallet is available as a free download at It is available in both English and French, with a Spanish version available by September. The book is designated “highly accessible” by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Association (AODA), and has been formally adopted by the Library and Archives Canada.

“I want to acknowledge the mentorship and financial assistance of Phillip Brown of Brown’s Fine Foods for his invaluable support throughout the development and launch of the fourth edition of Recipes for an Empty Wallet,” say Emile McIntosh, Food Cents Co-Lead. 

For information please contact Emilie McIntosh, , or Noemie Halle-Ducasse, With secondary contact to  Chef Thomas Elia,, Faculty Advisor Pam Bovey Armstrong at or Phillip Brown at