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Amazing opportunity for entrepreneurial students! Join us for an info session

2014-12-11, 10:29 AM

Applications will be accepted starting January 14 to February 13, 2015 for the Queen's Summer Innovation Initiative program (QSII), a paid summer internship for students to hone their entrepreneurial skills, with the guidance of industry experts. The program is open to all St. Lawrence students from any program. An information session will be held on Jan. 14, 11:30am – 1:00pm, in Vtel for students in Brockville and Cornwall, and in the lecture theatre on the Kingston campus.

This is the second year of the partnership, which will enable two St. Lawrence College students to collaborate with Queen’s University students in the program. This unique opportunity is made possible through the generosity of Kingston philanthropist, Walter Fenlon.

Last summer, two SLC students took part in the program, which included seminars, workshops, and mentorship. The summer began with a two-week experiential learning segment taught by professors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and industry experts.  Working in teams, participants developed their own business, or assisted in the innovation of a current corporation. 

“QSII is an experience that changed how I look at the world,” said Brad Duffy, SLC Graphic Design graduate and 2014 participant. “I now have the tools and confidence to achieve whatever I want and know how to take an idea and create a business around it. I can look at a project and have confidence in how to pick the right team to complete it, or be able to recognize weak areas in a non-performing team. I have access to extremely successful people in every aspect of the business world that are willing to help me accomplish whatever dream I may have. I also worked with some great people who are also going to be extremely successful in the future. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but definitely one of the most rewarding.”

“Entrepreneurship is a tricky subject,” said Mahdi Khazaali, SLC Bachelor of Business Administration student and 2014 participant. “You never really know what the future holds for you and your venture.  The single biggest problem with being a young entrepreneurship is the lack of certainty regarding the success of the venture. When you decide to start a business on your own, you don’t know if your time or your money will yield a good return. QSII gives students the opportunity to start their own ventures without the fear and uncertainty that normally comes with starting a business your own. By giving them a taste of what it feels like to build a company from the ground up, I believe that QSII can help nurture the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.” 

QSII ultimately has two goals: To light the spark of innovation by enabling innovators and entrepreneurial risk-takers, and to anchor an ecosystem that expands the Kingston and eastern Ontario economy through the attraction, education and retention of highly talented innovators.