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Working hard on the field and in the classroom


He’s number 7 on the Vikings Men’s Soccer Team at St. Lawrence College and he plays a mid-field position. Fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student, Jeff Borges has just been named Athlete of the Week on the Kingston campus for his outstanding work on the field. Men’s Soccer Head Coach Steve Douglas describes Jeff Borges as a 5 foot 7 ton of energy, that just doesn’t quit.

A Kingston native, Jeff Borges has been playing competitive Soccer since high school, developing stamina, game style and some powerful attack skills on the pitch, all of which are helping the Vikings team move ahead in this year’s College Competitions.

Each week on the three campuses of St. Lawrence College, coaches and student trainers choose an outstanding athlete to celebrate, someone who stands out from the crowd, is committed to the sport, works hard in academic life and recognizes the value of a balanced life that includes a healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations to Jeff Borges. He represents excellence in athletes who are saying ‘hello’ to their future at St. Lawrence College!