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Real-World Learning for Engineering Technician students


More than 20 Energy Systems Engineering Technician and Technology students from St. Lawrence College are conducting a thorough energy audit on St James Church, on Union St. in Kingston. The students were on site today, and will be again on Monday, March 24, from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.

The students will be investigating heat loss through walls, ceilings, doors and windows; electricity consumption by lighting and other loads. After investigating the church on site, they return to SLC’s computer labs and model the building using simulation software, which allows them to evaluate the savings that could be achieved through making upgrades to the building. They will also be evaluating different heating system alternatives and the cost of providing heat to the building from each. Their work is summarized in a major report for the course that each student writes, and will be presented to the church management in May.

“Being at an actual worksite is extremely beneficial to our students in terms of applying what they learn in the classroom environment and taking it out into the real world,” said Ian Kilborn, professor in the Energy Systems Engineering Technician program. “What they gain in skills and confidence is immeasurable, and makes them ready to enter the workforce when they graduate.”