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Blackboard Unscheduled Outage Update


This is a notice for St. Lawrence College Students and Staff from SLC ITS:
Blackboard Unscheduled Outage Update

What happened:   A procedural human error has resulted in a unique but serious data corruption of our Blackboard system.  All updates to Blackboard since 10:00am this morning have been lost. Blackboard is now being recovered to a point before the data corruption occurred and will be unavailable until the recover process has been completed.  We are estimating the recovery process to complete sometime this evening.

What this means:  


  • All updates/posts/submissions to Blackboard since 10:00am this morning have been lost and will need to be uploaded again.
  • Due dates may need to be adjusted.
  • If an on-line test was being delivered through Blackboard and submissions could have occurred or been interrupted between 10:00am and the failure, please contact the IT Service Desk after service has been restored.  Please provide your name, contact information, course ID and the name of the deliverable.  The most appropriate person will contact you to assist you with your specific situation.
  • If you have a deliverable that may be affected, please communicate with your students as soon as possible.


We will be reviewing our procedures to prevent a future occurrence. We apologize for this very serious situation at such a busy time of the year and thank you for your patience as we deal with this issue.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk at or ext. 4357 (HELP).