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Bachelor of Business Admin student and Manager of Student Affairs at SLC


He’s a recent graduate of the Business Administration- Accounting Program at St. Lawrence College and he’s back to get his Bachelor’s degree. Andrew Oosterman is a mature student at the College with years of event management under his belt. As Manager of Student Affairs AND a full time student, Andrew has a busy job representing St. Lawrence students at the College and in Kingston, hence the number of committees and organizations he belongs to. Andrew says the bulk of his job focuses on making sure the student voice is heard in our community.

Monitoring the annual Student Association budget means Andrew is constantly monitoring revenues and expenses so that the annual fees paid by students are wisely spent. Overseeing student activities on campus means Andrew encourages the establishment of new clubs and organization, the more students get involved beyond the classroom, the better.

Andrew Oosterman is looking forward to meeting as many new students as possible, because as Manager of Student Affairs, he knows  they are all saying ‘hello’ to their future at St. Lawrence College!