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Business Administration-HR grad finds rewarding career at SLC!

2014-09-10, 9:50 AM

The role of Career Development and Experiential Learning Facilitator is new to St. Lawrence College’s School of Business. In 2013, when Amanda Hulton took on the job, it opened up a whole new world of opportunity for the 215 Business students she gets to interact with on a regular basis. The title, Career Development and Experiential Learning Facilitator, says it all. That means Amanda connects with professionals from all walks of life and gets them to speak to her students about their careers and the jobs they do.

Each Semester, Career Week brings faculty, alumni, students, community partners and everyone else in between, together. Amanda co-ordinates the whole thing. Students, she says, enrol in the Business Program for different reasons, some looking for direct entry into the work world, others hoping to take over the family business or even start their own. Career Week lets them dig deep into the realities of the workplace and ultimately, make decisions that make sense for them.

As a graduate of the three year Business Administration-HR Program from St. Lawrence herself, Amanda Hulton’s seven years with the College has given her a career she has a passion for and her job, helps others say ‘hello!’ to their futures at St. Lawrence College!