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Kingston advertising students host third annual “unconference” on trends in digital marketing

2013-11-29, 11:16 AM

At St. Lawrence College’s Kingston campus on December 11, 2013, students and alumni from the Advertising and Marketing Communications program will host the third annual TrendsTalk Unconference. The “unconference” features seminars on digital marketing, social media marketing, interactive web marketing, and content curation.

TrendsTalk is targeted to small business owners, academics, professionals, amateurs, artists, and entrepreneurs. TrendsTalk is an opportunity for advertising and marketing students and alumni to showcase their skills, offer insights into current trends in digital marketing, and explain how this information can be applied to both local businesses and individuals. There is no cost for admission.

“TrendsTalk is an excellent educational opportunity. Whether one is a working professional, student, or simply seeking to learn about digital trends, TrendsTalk exposes the value of an effective digital media strategy,” said Katrina Fortner, Interactive Marketing Communications student and TrendsTalk 2013 presenter.

“TrendsTalk is a unique opportunity to discuss how important social media can be; it is a cost efficient, fast, and engaging universe of possibilities, where individuals and huge brands are participating in the same space with the exact same volume,” said Nick Rayner, graduate of Advertising and Marketing Communications and TrendsTalk 2012 presenter.

This free event runs from 10 am to 3 pm; attendees decide which seminars of the two tracks hosted are most compelling and relevant to them. Registration opens at 9:30 am.

There will be a variety of door prizes at the event provided by the many generous sponsors of TrendsTalk.