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Book Launch: "Empower Your Presence, How to Build True Wealth with Your Personal Brand and Image"


Why are highly educated young people unable to land great jobs and move out of the basement? Is it about youth and inexperience or is it about standing out in a lacklustre economy?  Catherine Bell thinks it’s about “Presence.”  She is the author of a new book “Empower Your Presence, How to Build True Wealth with Your Personal Brand and Image.” 

 “Presence” is that certain quality that improves opportunities, relationships and success, but it’s elusive to many young people,” says Catherine.  “With high unemployment rates around the world for the most educated young people, Empowering Your Presence is critical to leaving the nest and embarking on a successful, independent life.

This can be true also for those transitioning into retirement, seeking venture capital, meeting potential clients or advancing into a new social environment with confidence.  In this, her second book, Catherine firmly makes the case for establishing a personal ease which will help you project the benefits you offer to discriminating employers, investors or personal networks.     

“Your ABC’s – Appearance, Behaviour and Communication – must all align with your Personal Brand to edge out your competition,” says Catherine.  “When you invest in your best attributes, passions and skills, you will be better able to package them in a way to establish your unique promise of value to future employers or networks.” 

Empower Your Presence, published by Knowledge Bureau, helps individuals understand how to better project their exceptional image to others in an articulate and skillful way.  Topics include:

  • How to express your authentic inner self through your Personal Brand
  • How to provide a consistent brand experience through Your Own ABCs
  • How to tap into “presence-perfect” strategies for Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys
  • How empowered financial behaviours can increase peace of mind and build confidence
  • How true wealth trumps money, turning affluence into influence

“Empower Your Presence – How to Build True Wealth with Your Personal Brand and Image”, is now available at major bookstores.

Media opportunity:

Book Launch Event

Thursday, November 28, 2013, noon – 1:00pm

St. Lawrence College, Kingston campus, Alumni Fireside Room

Media interviews can be scheduled before the launch, please contact:
Laura Tulchinsky
St. Lawrence College, Communications
613-544-5400, ext. 1291
Cell: 613-329-2451

More about Catherine Bell:
Catherine Bell, who hails from Kingston, Ontario, is a dynamic international speaker, President of Prime Impressions, and an expert image and etiquette source for print media, television, and radio.  She is one of only 15 Certified Image Professionals in Canada.  She has been honoured to be an Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) Hall of Fame inductee.