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St. Lawrence College students' work placement a "special" experience


Not every placement student has the opportunity to see their work actually published, and used. For third year Graphic Design student Winter Gurnsey, her placement at the Kingston Police working on the Special Olympics project has given her an incredible opportunity to have her work used in many promotional materials.

The events will be held from May 31 – June 3 in the City of Kingston, with over 800 registered volunteers. The Special Olympics Spring Games will see over 1000 athletes and coaches competing in swimming, bowling, power-lifting, basketball and bocce.

“We are very pleased to have Winter onboard. She has designed all of our promotional materials, including our Games programs, bus shelter advert, signage and the entire look of our Games. She is doing such a great job, and we have kept her on until the Games are over," said Ed Byers, Games Coordinator.

“This has been a great placement for me. I have been able to take the knowledge I have from my courses and am actually putting them into practice in the workplace. I am gaining real world experience that will help me in my career pursuit now that I have graduated. Seeing my work on the side of a bus shelter, and my program in the newspaper was the highlight of my placement," Winter said.

Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) is a charitable organization that provides sports training and competition for people with an intellectual disability. The primary objective is to enhance physical, social and psychological development through positive and successful experiences in sport. SOO also strives to prepare athletes for active and successful participation in regular community based sport training, recreation and fitness.


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