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Alumnus in focus - Gabriel Gratton


For Gabriel Gratton, it looks like the numbers are all adding up. The Cornwall native graduated from St. Lawrence College with a diploma in business technology in 2001.

Gratton has worked at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) for the past 10 years, recently being promoted from bank manager to manager sales support – commercial banking. He credits St. Lawrence College as giving him the necessary skills in accounting, marketing, and economics as well as introducing him to banking-related programs and software. "The college provides great opportunities for people to get the skills they need to work in jobs like banking," said Gratton. "It is a great career and I’ve been lucky to progress and move up as much as I have, but I definitely got the foundation of what I needed to learn through the college."

Gratton sees Cornwall as an ideal place to raise his three children while being able to find job opportunities in his field. "It’s just a great environment for children (...) and it’s very close to everything, so if you want things that are in big cities you can go to Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto but still be able to live in a smaller community like Cornwall that has most of what we need," said Gratton.

He still finds time to give back to the community through volunteering at the Children’s Aid Society as president of the board.

His passion for sports is evident. Other than pictures of his family, his office contains a framed Canadian hockey jersey, a gift for his involvement in the 2008 RBC Cup. Gratton coaches minor football and minor soccer, and stays active by also kayaking on the river and biking. As a student at SLC, he played on a variety of sports teams including cross country, touch football and soccer. Gratton eventually received the recognition of athlete of the year.

Gratton was also able to gain leadership and teamwork skills through his position on student union as vice president of student life, something he was able to merge with the practical course content taught by teachers with real life experience.

Through portable technology such as his laptop and Blackberry, Gratton is able to keep his position at the bank without relocating his family. "With this new job, I’ll have to travel a little bit more because my team is (across) Eastern Ontario, but the bank is letting me work from Cornwall," said Gratton, "I’m on the road a few days a week and (then) home, which is good because the kids really like their schools, we really like it here and if I can stay here as long as I can, I will."

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