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Funding for Solar Panels Secured


Over a year ago, Steve Tripp, an Energy Systems Engineering Technology student had an ambitious idea- he wanted to put solar panels on top of our local Partner’s in Mission Food Bank. Steve’s education at St. Lawrence College had made him familiar with energy efficient technology and he saw this as an opportunity to help the food bank put this technology to work- and so the process began.

Steve’s diligent work, intelligence and passion, lead to a successful application to the MicroFit program offered by the Ontario government. This meant that the food bank now had a government contract to produce energy and generate income- about $200,000 of income over 20 years! To put that into perspective, consider that the average meal offered by a meal provider in our community costs $2.50. That translates into 80,000 potential meals over 20 years. Now that is impact!

But there was still one piece missing, the funding. With the help of the sponsorship team  from the Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization at St. Lawrence College (of which Steve Tripp is a member) outstanding sponsorship applications were made and all of the funding has now been secured. This news has come right after one final successful presentation to the Partner’s in Mission Food Bank who have agreed to invest the remaining funds.

The solar panels are slated to be installed in August by Downunder Solar and Electrical who are donating their services. Amongst the donors are the Kingston Student Association of St. Lawrence College, The Lion’s Club of Odessa and District, as well as Cathy and John Pirrie and the SIFE team themselves.

About Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) St. Lawrence College. A not for profit, student led organization. SIFE is committed to its mission to create sustainable solutions for its community. Currently, SIFE is tackling a number of issues, including the lack of financial literacy among college students.

About Kingston Partners in Mission Foodbank. PIMF strives to provide an opportunity for the more fortunate to share and to form a network of institutions and individuals that work together to meet the basic needs for food.PIMF also takes an active role in educating the public about the needs of the poor.

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