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High School Students can win Down With Webster concert at their prom


High school students in the area will have the chance to compete in a province-wide contest to have Down With Webster perform at their spring prom.

The band will perform a concert in June for the Ontario high school that wins a new online contest – College Sounds Great – that launched today. The contest encourages students to describe why college education is an excellent post-secondary option, and the top 10 high schools with the largest share of entries will be finalists for the winning concert.

"What could be better than encouraging students to pursue higher education and getting to re-live our own high school proms with a performance at yours," said Tyler Armes of Down With Webster.

"This is an innovative way to get high school students in our community thinking about post-secondary education," said Chris Whitaker, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College. "We’re expecting to see some creative and interesting entries."

Students can enter the contest by submitting a photo and a 50 to 250 word paragraph, or by making a video, explaining why "college sounds great."

The 10 schools with the highest percentage of their student body entering the contest get chosen as finalists on May 5, 2011. Judges will review the entries and the winner will be selected May 12.

To enhance their chance of winning, students are encouraged to get their schools behind the project and get as many of their students as possible to enter.

The winning high school gets Down With Webster to play at its prom (or a similar event) on June 18. Down With Webster is one of Canada’s hottest bands and is known for such hits as Your Man.

The College Sounds Great contest is part of the Ontario colleges’ ongoing effort to encourage students to explore the range of post-secondary programs available at both college and university, and to choose programs that best suit their interests and strengths. Colleges offer a wide range of programs in a number of areas, including business, advertising, health care, IT, the culinary arts, the skilled trades and much more.

"We’re encouraging students to explore all of their options and pursue the path that is best for them," said Chris Whitaker, President & CEO, St. Lawrence College, "For many students, the best option is one of the many programs available at an Ontario college."