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SLC wins gold and places across the board at OCMC


This past weekend marked the 31st annual Ontario College’s Marketing Competition, hosted by Sheridan College. The two-day competition brings marketing students from across the province together to show their business talents, strategic thinking, rapport building, and teamwork skills with eleven events. From the always-exciting opening night Quiz Bowl, to eight Case Events, the Sales Presentation and Job Interview, this year's competition brought together thirteen colleges and hundreds of highly motivated business students. This experience for the ten-member St. Lawrence College team was an overall success, placing within the top five in eight events.

"The team did very well overall, demonstrating the great training available at St. Lawrence College," said Kip Tuckwell, Professor, SLC School of Business and OCMC Team Coordinator.

Beginning on Thursday the team, made up of both St. Lawrence College’s Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) students, came out strong in the Quiz Bowl competition. Securing second place, by teammate Wahida Lakhani, SLC was on the board on day one of the competition.

During day two, SLC saw more top finishes in case events and presentations. IMC students, Brook Johnston and Brett McDonald, took gold in the direct marketing case event.

Other top five standings include:

Forth place finishes

Debbie Yvette & Jim McCartney - Marketing case event

Brook Johnston & Brett McDonald - IMC case event

Debbie Yvette – Job Interview

Fifth place finishes

Angie Loyst & Jim McCartney - Sales Management case event

Morgan Davis & Wahida Lakhani - Entrepreneurship case event

Angie Loyst & Taylor Nicholas - International Marketing case event

The competition not only instilled pride and confidence in the SLC team, but also helped develop valuable skills for school, as well as life after graduation, according to Debbie Yvette, OCMC Competitor. "Being a part of OCMC challenges you in new ways; pushing you to do your best and preparing you to compete amongst the province's best students. I am already able to use the training I have received in my class projects and will carry the experience with me beyond graduation," she said .

The experience also provides students with the opportunity to see their future opposition in the workforce after graduation, as well as the potential outcomes witnessed in real life business.

Kip Tuckwell explains, "For the students who participate in the competition they see first hand the quality of students who are their competitors coming from other colleges. Career wise they know that they have to be on top of their game to be successful and anything short of that will result in not getting the order or deal."