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College applauds postsecondary investments


(Toronto, March 25, 2010) – St. Lawrence College applauds the provincial government’s commitments and investments in postsecondary education in today’s provincial budget.

"This budget recognizes and responds to much of what colleges need to meet the increasing demand for a career-focused college education," said Chris Whitaker, president and CEO of St. Lawrence College.

"Postsecondary education is critical to the future success of Ontario’s workforce and economic competitiveness in the new knowledge economy."

Whitaker also applauded the government’s goal of raising Ontario’s postsecondary attainment rate to 70 per cent from 62 per cent, noting the additional funding announced today demonstrates a real commitment to this goal.

Funding announcements affecting colleges include:
· $310 million operating for new spaces and enrolment
· 30,000 new spaces for Second Career over the next two years

Whitaker noted that colleges could be instrumental in providing the necessary training for new project-based skills training program in the north. The government has allocated $45 million for this training.

As well, Whitaker noted that additional resources have been promised to support the implementation of a credit transfer system and looks forward to working with the government to accomplish this.

"Providing students with a transparent, province-wide system of transferring credits between postsecondary institutions will save money, time and will get skilled graduates into the workforce faster. It will also increase Ontario’s international competitiveness."

Whitaker also said the colleges look forward to working with the government to develop an aggressive strategy to attract international students to our institutions. As well, he noted the many opportunities provided by the Ontario Online Institute and looks forward to working with the government to capitalize on these.


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