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SLC students design their community


For the sixth year, students from the Graphic Design program at St. Lawrence College have worked with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival to design their feature poster. This year marks the
10th Anniversary of the Festival, and not only did our students design the poster, they re-branded the organization with a new logo. The winning design students are Didem Karadeniz and Mark Birksted.

Festival Director Alison Migneault was extremely pleased with this years results. "The level of talent coming out of St. Lawrence College is fantastic," Migneault said. "Every year I'm so impressed with the students' work, it's always hard to choose a winner!"

This competition is part of the Design Your Community project and is integrated into the curriculum for the third year students. For the past six years, students have designed the marketing material for the festival. The students are presented with the strategic brief which guides their concept and design solution. The main ingredient for success is creativity.

The Design Your Community project has been a major project for graduates portfolios, as well as being very effective at generating interest in the Graphic Design program, and St. Lawrence College. Past winners of the project have gone on to successful careers in design: one is in Vancouver, one in Calgary, and two in the Design Department of MuchMusic in Toronto.

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival runs March 3-7. For more information on the film festival and to to see the work go to: