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St. Lawrence College Welding Fabrication program builds equipment for Varsity Rugby teams in Kingston


Kingston, Ont. (Sept 14, 2009) – The St. Lawrence College Varsity Rugby teams got quite a boost for their programs at their first training session of the season last week. The Men’s and Women’s teams took delivery of their very own scrum sled which was provided courtesy of the St. Lawrence College Welding Fabrication program which is located on the Cornwall campus.

A scrum sled is a piece of equipment which allows teams to practice their scrummaging – a key part of the game of rugby. The sled provides coaches the opportunity to teach proper technique and body position during scrums which in turn addresses crucial safety issues for rugby players.

SLC Men’s Rugby, Head Coach, Grant Bradley says,” this is a huge boost to actually have a scrum sled of our very own, in the past we have relied on favours from Queen’s and the Kingston Panthers rugby clubs who would lend us their equipment. The students that worked on this sled did an excellent job, it is a top class piece of equipment and we are very appreciative to them for doing this for us.”

Gary Peacock, the head coach of the Women’s rugby team at St. Lawrence College added, “A scrum sled is always a welcome addition to any rugby program. It is especially important for our women’s program as we are in the development stages of the game here at the college and this will allow us to teach proper technique right from the beginning. What a great idea to utilize our own resources within the college to get this done.”  

The building of a scrum sled for the rugby program was an idea put together by Tri-Campus Athletic Director, Brad Greenwood. As a former rugby player and head coach at Queen’s University, Greenwood is no stranger to the game and saw an opportunity to utilize some of the synergies within the college to help fill this equipment need for his rugby program. “Since I oversee athletics at all three campuses I am familiar with the breadth and depth of the academic programs that are offered across all of St. Lawrence College,” stated Greenwood, “In talking with Don Fairweather, the Dean of the Cornwall campus, I was made aware of the quality of the welding program there, and how they generally learn in a project-based environment. A light bulb went on for me regarding the need of a scrum sled for our rugby programs and how I could possibly get the Welding program to help us. On our behalf, Don Fairweather contacted Paul Moddeman and Andre Allaire, coordinators of the Welding program to ask for their help. My colleagues at Queen’s Athletics allowed me to take photos and measurements from their scrum sled to provide an example from which the welding program could work from, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

This project provided students in the Welding Fabrication program the opportunity to work on a unique project while also providing much needed equipment for some of their fellow students. Athletic Director Greenwood added, “It is great that a group of students on one St. Lawrence College campus could help a group of students on one of the other campuses in such a way. The quality of the sled they have crafted is as good as I have seen – we are very fortunate.”

The new scrum sled was delivered to the Rugby Field at St. Lawrence College last week just in time for the first practice of the season and was immediately put into use by the men’s team.