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All full-time domestic students are charged fees for the student insurance plan. This plan includes insurance coverage for Dental, Vision and Health (Prescription Drugs), as well as AD&D (Accident).

All students are automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan. If you wish to select an alternate plan as outlined in the brochure and the web page, you must do so before the end of the first month of your coverage. The only additional charge for an alternate plan is for Family Opt-ins.

The plan coverage period starts the first month of your academic year and ends August 31st. Eg. Fall start students coverage period is Sept 1st – Aug 31st, Winter start Jan 1 – Aug 31st, Spring start May 1st – Aug 31st.

Plan Specs

Group # 513983

Provider: Claim Secure

Certificate / Student ID # i00XXXXXXX  (the letter ‘i’, 00 =  2 zeros, XXXXXXX = your 7 digit student id #)

For Detail Information About Your Plan

Brochures are also available at Student Services in Brockville and Cornwall, the Kingston Campus Health Centre, and the Kingston Student Association Office.

Deadlines For Opting Out, Changing Plans Or Adding Family Members

Domestic students can opt out of the Student Insurance Plan with proof of alternate coverage. This can only be done online at There is NO opt-out available for the Accident (AD&D) portion of the coverage.

Opt-out deadline dates are the end of the first month of your coverage for the academic year, and are strictly adhered to. These dates also apply to changing plans and Family opt-ins.

  • For Fall students: September 1 to 30 by 4:00pm
  • For new Winter students only: January 1 to 31 by 4:00pm
  • For new Summer students only – May 1 to 31 by 4:00pm

The insurance company issues the opt-out refunds approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the opt-out period to students who have paid the fees in full on their college account.

Family Opt-In Plan

Domestic students can opt out of the Student Insurance Plan with proof of alternate coverage. This can only be done online at There is NO opt-out available for the Accident (AD&D) portion of the coverage.

Students who are on the Health Insurance Plan may obtain coverage for their spouse and/or dependent children for health (Prescription Drugs) coverage and AD&D only. Note that dental and vision coverage is not available for family opt-in. To enroll, you must 1) complete the Family Opt-in form; 2) forward payment (certified cheque or Visa) to ACL Student Benefits by the deadline listed below. The Family Opt-In form is available at

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance is mandatory for all College full-time students.  Completed claim forms must be filed directly to Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. within 90 days after the date of the accident and no later than 1 year. See the plan booklet for treatment deadlines.

Please note that a College Incident Report must also be completed for any accident that happens on College property.

Forms & Applications

These are available on the website.

Apprenticeship Student Insurance (coverage while in-class training only)

Apprenticeship students have the same Health (Prescription Drug) coverage as the College’s full-time students, but only for the period of their in-class training. Apprenticeship students are required to submit manual claim forms.

Student Insurance Premiums

Premiums for insurance are charged to your student account the first semester of your academic year. Please refer to your online account for this term to see the rates. These fees are posted inclusive of PST.

Other Questions about Student Insurance?

Please first review the insurance FAQs that we have compiled here.

ACL Student Benefits, your Canadian Partner in Student Health Plans:

For verification questions of your benefit status:

Lisa Clarke
Brockville: 613-345-0660, ext. 3555
Cornwall: 613-933-6080, ext. 3555
Kingston: 613-544-5400, ext. 3555

International Students

St. Lawrence College provides a comprehensive insurance plan for international students. Details about the coverage are available at:
International students have dental coverage through Claim Secure. Details are available at

Questions about the International Student Insurance Plan can be directed to: 

International Office
613-544-5400, ext. 1600