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Use your health insurance plan to get 80% back on most prescriptions. No forms required. Student ID Card required.

SLC Full-time Student Sickness & Accident Insurance Plan

Brochures are available at the Brockville & Cornwall Customer (Student) Service Centres, the Kingston Health Centre, the Kingston Student Association Office, and online at this site. Your Student Insurance Plan Booklet

Click here for information on the Campus Health Centre.

Policy # 97200, Group # 513983 September to August.

Students can opt-out of Health, Dental, and/or Vision.
To opt-out of Health and/or Dental, proof of coverage elsewhere is required. No proof of coverage elsewhere is required to opt-out of Vision. All opt-outs are done on-line.

SLC full-time students can opt out of the Sickness and Accident Insurance coverage from Sept. 1 to Sept. 30th at 4pm.This process can only be done online. Go to and choose St. Lawrence College to complete the process.

OPT-OUT dates are as follows and are strictly adhered to:
- For fall students – Sept 1-30 by 4pm
- For new winter students only – Jan 1 to 31 by 4pm
- For new summer students only – May 1 to 31 by 4pm
Opt-out form is found online at only during the above dates.

Payment for all of these plans, except Family Opt-ins, is included in the full-time tuition.

HEALTH: Claimsecure (RX Plus) Prescription Drugs
The Claimsecure (RX Plus) System of pay-direct drug plans is honoured by any participating pharmacy displaying the distinctive RX Plus sign. To fill a prescription, you present your student identification card to the pharmacist and pay the required 20% per prescription plus any portion of the dispensing fee that is greater than $9.00. If you cannot locate an RX Plus participating pharmacy, it will be necessary for you to pay the entire amount due, keep receipts and submit a manual claim. The claim forms can be found same place as the brochures mentioned above. The claim forms with attached receipts would then be sent to Claimsecure. (Address is on the form.) Claimsecure will promptly return the allowable portion of your claim directly to you. Starting September 1, 2012 all vaccines are included in the Health Plan.

FAMILY OPT-IN PLAN is available upon request. Same deadlines as above. Students who are on the Health Insurance Plan may obtain coverage for their spouse and/or dependent children, for health coverage only, no dental,  by enrolling them before Sept 30 at 4pm for the fall semester students; and January 31 at 4pm for the new winter semester students and paying with certified cheque or Visa the appropriate additional fee indicated on the form and forwarding all to ACL Student Benefits. Forms can also be picked up at the Customer (Student) Services Centres, and the Kingston Health Centre. Note that dental and vision coverage is not available for family opt-in. 

Only Available online in September, January, & May: 
For those that want to apply for Family Opt In and pay with Visa only, please visit The ACL web site at:
Student Insurance Site

SLC Full-time Student Dental Plan:

During each policy year the maximum coverage available per student is $500. See page 9 of "Your Student Insurance Plan” booklet for more details. Students can opt-out by providing proof of coverage elsewhere. The opt-outs are done on-line and the timeframes and process are the same as above for Health. All cheques will be mailed directly to the student by ACL Student Benefits. Note that the above deadlines are strictly adhered to. Dental is not available for dependents.
Dental Claim form is available here.


Coverage includes a maximum of $80 for lenses/frames in any consecutive 24 months. See page 10 of “Your Student Insurance Plan” booklet. Students can opt-out of Vision coverage without having to provide proof of coverage elsewhere. Same timeframes and process as outlined above in the Health section.
Student Vision claim form available here.

Accidental Insurance:

Accidental Insurance is mandatory for all College full-time students. All accidental claims (non-prescription drug claims) should be submitted on the Sickness & Accident claims form (pdf). All claims have to be submitted to the insurance company at the following address within 10 days of the date of the accident for which you are claiming:

SSQ, Life Insurance Co. Inc
Claims Dept., Suite 500
110 Sheppard Ave E
Toronto, Ontario
M2N 6Y8
Toll Free 1-866-696-6001

Upon request by Insurer, the student shall secure further statements from his physician or surgeon as required. Claims for benefits for loss of life or dismemberment must be submitted no later than 90 days from date of loss.

Please note that a College Incident Report must also be completed for any accident that happens on College property.

Apprenticeship Student Insurance:

(coverage while in-class training only)
Apprenticeship students have the same Health coverage as the College’s full-time students, but only while they are doing their in-class training. Apprenticeship students are required to submit manual claim forms.

Termination Coverage:

A full-time student’s insurance coverage runs from September 1 to August 31 assuming a full year’s premium is paid.


All taxes included
Health $97.44/year paid in first semester
Accidental Ins $ 2.97/year paid in first semester
Dental $64.15/year paid in first semester
Vision $21.60/year paid in first semester.

Family Opt-In coverage:
September 2016 $245.92
January 2017 $163.95

Insurance Questions?

Contact St. Lawrence College:
Lisa Clarke
Brockville: 613-345-0660, ext. 3555
Cornwall: 613-933-6080, ext. 3555
Kingston: 613-544-5400, ext. 3555


ACL Student Benefits, your Canadian Partner in Student Health plans:

International Student Insurance

St. Lawrence College provides a comprehensive insurance plan for international students.
Details about the coverage are available at:

Questions about the International Student Insurance Plan can be directed to: 

Laura Caldwell, International Student Services
613-544-5400, ext. 1883
or fax 613-545-3943

Manual claim forms can be found at  (Campus Life-Services-Health Insurance or