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We've prepared a list of frequently asked questions about student insurance for students & parents. 

Most of the time it is because of an error in inputting the Certificate / Student ID information.  This is a 10 digit alphanumeric number.  For example, if your 7 digit student number is 7654321, the correct entry is i007654321.  The letter ‘I’, followed by 2 zeros, and then your student ID #. 

It is the first week of my academic year. I just went to get a prescription filled, gave them all the correct info but they said I was not covered!

It takes the insurance company a few days to upload the list of students that we send them.  Your claim is valid from the first day of the term.  Hand onto your receipts and re-submit in a few days.  Remember that the dates on the receipts must be within your coverage period. 

You can  download the insurance booklet on the SLC student insurance page. 

You can also visit  This page has a helpful chat feature.  It also provides the telephone number.  These are good places to ask specific questions 

Although we can answer general questions, the student insurance plan is not RUN by the College.  The student associations, along with College administration, ensure that enrollment information for eligible students is sent to the insurance company.  Please refer to the answer in question # 2 for more information. 

You can opt-out of the insurance plan with proof of other coverage within the first month of the start of your academic year.  In other words, students who start in September, have until the end of that month to opt-out.  Students with a January start have until the end of January.  Students with a May start have until the end of May. 

You are able to opt-out of the insurance, with proof of other coverage, at the start of your academic year only.   

Opt-out refunds are issued by the insurance company and not by the College.  When you opted out, you would have selected the manner in which you would receive your refund and you should have received a confirmation email.  Refunds are usually issued 4-6 weeks AFTER THE END OF THE OPT-OUT period. 

  1. If you withdrew before the 10-day withdrawal deadline and received a fees refund, less the deposit.  

No – your coverage has been terminated. 

  1. If you withdrew after the 10-day withdrawal and  have paid for all of the fees.  

Yes – you have paid for the fees and your coverage is valid until the end of the academic year. 

I have opted out for the school insurance coverage as I am on my mother's plan and figured I would be covered.  Howeverafter attempting to submit an invoice yesterday I have found out that her coverage is not able to cover these fees. Would I be able to rejoin the student plan, pay and opt in to the insurance coverage? 

Once you have opted out, you are not able to opt back in the same academic year.  The opt-out option is valid for one academic year period so if you are returning next year, you may decide to stay in or opt out again. 

Yes – for an additional fee coverage is available for health ( prescription drugs) and AD&D  You must complete the family application form on by the end of the first month of your coverage period. Payment instructions are given on the application form. 

I forgot to submit a claim from last winter – I tried to submit it but it said it wasn’t valid even though I am a Full Time student once again this fall. 

Claims for the previous academic coverage period may be submitted up until Nov 30th of the current year.  Note that they must be dated from the time period of the coverage.  

All students are automatically enrolled in the Balanced Plan.  There are alternate plans available at no extra cost that offer coverage for these services.  You must change your plan online before the end of the first month of your coverage. 

For questions about coverage, making claims etc., please refer to the www.wespeakstudent web page and their live chat feature. See the SLC Student Insurance page for other contact info. 

Vaccinations are included – any treatment must be dated within the coverage period.  For example if you are starting in September, your coverage starts on Sept 1st. 

Premiums for insurance are charged to your student account the first semester of your academic year.  Please refer to your online account for this term to see the rates.   These fees are posted inclusive of PST. 


Other Questions About Student Insurance?

ACL Student Benefits, your Canadian Partner in Student Health Plans:

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Lisa Clarke
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