Groups & Workshops For Wellness

There are no groups or workshops scheduled for the Spring semester. Please check back here for our new offerings in the Fall semester.

In a group environment, Groups and Workshops for Wellness provide students support in building and maintaining a strong sense of well-being. Meet our Counsellors, Learning Strategist, Student Success Facilitators and other experts covering a wide range of topics.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops increase awareness about issues that affect student well-being, teach practical strategies that can immediately be applied and provide resources to connect to. These workshops are drop-in and are offered once or twice a semester. Examples of past workshops include:

  • Starting on the Right Foot: Getting your semester organized for success
  • Effective Study Strategies
  • Striving in Stress
  • Exam Success Strategies
  • Eating Disorders: Knowing the signs & how to help
  • Overdose Prevention & Naloxone Use
  • Sleep On It: How sleep helps promote better learning, physical & mental health

For more information about Wellness Workshops, please feel free to reach out to us at

Wellness Groups

Wellness Groups emphasize a supportive environment with peers while diving more deeply into a topic that can affect student well-being. Groups run weekly, and offerings change from semester to semester. Past groups include:

  • Living & Learning with Chronic Pain
  • Navigating Substance Use
  • Lifting Up Our Indigenous Identity Talking Circle
  • Yoga for a Healthy Mind (drop-in)

For more information about Wellness Groups, please feel free to reach out to us at


Huddles are small groups of 2 to 4 students and a leader who will meet weekly, online or in-person as able. Organized around students’ needs, preferences, and schedules, huddle groups provide a safe and friendly space where individuals can give and receive support. Huddles build resilience and self-determination as students are provided with encouragement, opportunities to reflect, and a weekly check-in. There are different types of huddles depending on what you’re looking for:

  • Friendship Huddles to simply make friends
  • Big Question Huddles to make friends AND contemplate life’s big questions in a safe place
  • Faith-based Huddles to make friends, ponder life’s questions, AND explore your personal faith and beliefs

To join a Huddle or for more information, contact