Students with in-person activity will only be notified IF their class, lab, or placement is impacted by the lockdown.

Student ID

Important information

ALL Student ID Cards including lost/damaged cards will be issued by submitting a photo through email.
Your card will be mailed to your mailing/home address directly.

All students will be issued an official SLC student card and will be mailed to your mailing/home address.
Student cards are required to access library, printing, residence, meal plan, test centre, any secured labs/classrooms, and more.

  • Full-Time Students: Full-time students at St. Lawrence College who have paid full-time tuition and compulsory fees as part of their full-time (daytime) program are eligible to receive a St. Lawrence College Student ID card.
  • Part-Time Students*: Part-time students may purchase a student card with Student Services for a fee of $10.00.
  • Apprenticeship Students*: Apprenticeship students can purchase a student card with Student Services for a fee of $10, department approval required.
  • College Prep Students*: College prep students are required to purchase a student card with Student Services for a fee of $10.

*Additional fee required.

How do I submit my photo?

New Students - can submit photo once you have paid your deposit.
Returning Students - can submit photo for a lost/damaged card once you have paid your current years deposit.

Please follow the guidelines listed below.

  • All photos will be subject to review by Student Services
  • If your photo is rejected, you will receive an email notification asking you to upload another photo that meets the criteria mentioned below
  • Your photo should be professional
  • This will be your Student ID throughout your tenure at SLC
  • Once you have successfully submitted your photo, you will not be able to upload another photo unless your original photo is rejected

Make sure your photo HAS the following:

  • Neutral background (white, off-white, cream, beige, light grey)
  • Face the camera straight on
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Glasses can be removed if there is a glare
  • Good lighting
  • Taken indoors
  • Color photo
  • Photo from the shoulders up, with space above the head
  • Passport – appropriate photos; smiling allowed
  • Photo should be in focus, not blurry
  • Photo should be portrait not landscape

Photo of Glenn

Make sure your photo DOES NOT have the following:

  • Other people, animals, or objects in the photo
  • Hat or sunglasses
  • Clothing that obscures your face
  • Glare on glasses
  • Exaggerated expression
  • Poor quality image
  • Shadows, glare, or dark spots

Photo of Glenn

  • Use your e-mail with subject line:
    Your Last Name, First Name - Example: Smith, John
  • Photo format:
    .jpg or jpeg format, as an attachment, 500k or less in size
  • Save your photo:
    Please use the following naming convention for your photo file:  Student#LastNameFirstName (ex. S1234567SmithJohn.jpeg)

  • Send to:
  • From: your email (SLC student email or personal)
  • When: Once your tuition deposit is paid you can submit your photo for your student card
  • Deadline: Wednesday, August 12, 2020
    Note: Photos submitted after deadline will not be mailed on time for the first day of class. 

  • Check the address you have on file through
    My Hub > Personal Information
  • If the address appears incorrect: 
  1. Click on Home Address
  2. Choose the edit button or you add a new address

Using Your Card – Full-time Students

General Identification

  • Your card can be used as identification for athletic events, pubs, elections, weekend access, test rooms, computer labs, etc.

Library Borrowing Privileges

  • Your card must be presented and scanned by the library staff every time library materials are checked out.

Health Insurance Coverage at Pharmacies

  • During the school year, you must present your card at the pharmacy, as your claim secure number is located on the back of your card.
  • During the summer months, you may make a claim by using the claim form, which is available through our local campus Health Centre or through Student Services.
  • Health insurance coverage is available to full-time students only.
  • For more information, see entitled "Student Insurance" or visit

Meal Plan

  • You can load your card with funds in order to access a cafeteria meal plan. See your local cafeteria staff for details.


  • When you live in residence, your card must be presented and scanned in order for you to enter the main doors of the residence.


  • You can load your card with funds at the St. Lawrence College Bookstore in order to add additional printing and photocopying to your account.

Lab Access (Kingston Only)

  • Your card must be scanned at the door in order to gain access to specific labs on campus.

Fitness Facilities

  • Brockville & Cornwall campuses - your card must be presented and scanned at the door to gain access to the fitness facility.
  • Kingston campus - your card must be presented and scanned at the door to gain access to the SHAC.
  • This card also gives you unlimited access to the local Kingston Family YMCA's.

Bus Pass (Kingston Only) 

  • Bus passes will not be included in your Fall 2020 tuition
  • Starting August 24, students can purchase a student bus pass directly from Kingston Transit Here 
  • This pass is offered to all post-secondary students in Kingston with the collaboration of the Student Association of St. Lawrence College and The Alma Mater Society of Queen's University
  • The pass will be valid from Sept 1, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021 for a total cost of $119 + tax

Using your Card - Part-time Students

  • General Identification
  • Library borrowing privileges
  • Meal plan (min. of $10 must be applied)
  • Photocopying/printing

Student Card Policy

  • It is for your personal use and is valid only until the expiry date displayed on the front of the card
  • You are responsible for returning the card if asked to do so
  • You should carry your SLC Student ID card at all times on any St. Lawrence College campus
  • If you are asked by an authorized person (e.g. security staff) on campus for identification, you must produce your card immediately
  • Your SLC Student ID card is not valid if defaced or damaged
  • Any attempt to obtain a SLC Student ID card fraudulently or any improper use of the card will be dealt with under the Student Code of Conduct (see for Code of Conduct)
  • Use of the card for any of its functions by any person other than the one named on the card is prohibited

  • It is the responsibility of the person named on the card to keep it in good condition and working order
  • If you lose your card, take the time to search for it thoroughly, as there is a charge for a new one and a refund cannot be given if the old card is found

  • Any lost/damaged cards can be replaced for a fee of $20.00, payable with Student Services
  • Do not punch a hole in your student ID card, as this will damage the card and you will be required to purchase a replacement card

  • If you have a meal plan on your lost card, it is your responsibility to inform the campus cafeteria it is lost as they can put a hold on your meal plan.
  • Once you have a replacement card, take the replacement card to your campus cafeteria and have the balance remaining transferred to your new card.

  • The SLC Student ID card is an identification card. Possession of a false or altered card is a serious offence, which may result in confiscation of the card and/or disciplinary action

Student Card Do's & Don'ts

  • Keep your card safe
  • Keep your card in a plastic holder or sleeve, as you must pay a $20.00 replacement fee if your card is damaged
  • Keep your card with you at all times on campus
  • Expose your SLC Student ID card to excessive heat, moisture, or magnetic sources including other magnetic strip cards
  • Allow your SLC Student ID card to move freely in your bag, case, or pocket as the card can crack or bend
  • This damages the card, which will then have to be replaced at your expense
  • Don't punch a hole in the card as this will damage the card and it will not work properly with access or meal plan

Card holders are available in the bookstore for purchase

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