Welcome to St. Lawrence College! We're excited to have you with us THIS JANUARY!

We have been working hard to provide you with a great experience with the right resources to succeed at SLC. During December & January, you will have an opportunity to attend virtual & in-person sessions to learn about our SLC Services, meet your teachers, make new connections, have some fun, and discover why we're #ProudtobeSLC.

New Student Checklist!

Our Student Checklist is one of many resources to help make your transition easier. Use the checklist here as your guide to ensure you’re fully prepared to begin your journey at SLC!

SLC Online Orientation Course – Complete it now on Blackboard!

Complete your Online Orientation Course on Blackboard before your Orientation Day.  This course is an interactive and fun way for you to learn all about your city, campus, and everything SLC has to offer. You can complete the course on any computer or mobile device.

Events to get SLC ready!

Check out and register for events designed to help incoming students get SLC Ready for their first semester. Our SLC Ready program offers an opportunity for you to get acquainted with SLC services and make new friends through events and workshops hosted by various departments.

Don’t forget to attend your Orientation Day, Monday January 17th at 10am.

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Microsoft Teams Session Links

Missed a session?
Check out the available recordings on URSLC
*Note: only certain sessions were recorded*

Theme Session Date & Time

Virtual Services Fair

IT Services (Blackboard/

January 12 – 10am EST

Virtual Services Fair

Tips for Success

January 12 – 12pm EST

Virtual Services Fair

Wellness & Accessibility

January 12 – 2pm EST

International Students Only

International Welcome Session (Day 1)

January 13 – 9:30am EST

Virtual Services Fair

Paying for College

January 13 – 10am EST

Virtual Services Fair

Using your Library Effectively

January 13 – 12pm EST

Virtual Services Fair

Tutoring & Academic Supports

January 13 – 2pm EST

Accessibility Services

SAIL to Success

January 13 – 4pm EST

International Students Only

International Welcome Session (Day 2)

January 14 – 9:30am EST