Class of 2024 Valedictorians

Kingston Campus

Nathan Graham (he/him)

Advertising Marketing Communications, Kingston

I am grateful for SLC; I have been able to pursue my passions while making lasting friendships, having fun, and exploring the world. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had such wonderful opportunities during my time here, and I am truly proud to have chosen SLC.

Arshdeep Kaur

Computer Systems Technician, Kingston Campus

My time at SLC has been transformative, guiding me towards my goals and building my confidence and competence beyond self-doubt. I had amazing classmates and teachers who respected and appreciated me immensely, and I reciprocated the same. I'll always cherish and remember them. Our lectures were always a riot, making my journey both educational and incredibly enjoyable.

Mehak Bhutani

Health Care Administration, Kingston Campus

At SLC, I've embraced every experience as an opportunity to grow, viewing challenges as stepping stones to success and consistently maintaining a positive outlook. My journey is a testament to resilience, optimism, and unwavering determination

Cornwall Campus

Diana Olivar

Environmental Technician, The Philippines

I am very proud to represent St. Lawrence College. SLC has been more than just an educational institution to me; it has been a nurturing environment that fosters growth, excellence, and community spirit.


Alycia Sauvé (she/her)

Business Administration, Ottawa

The amazing thing about SLC is that I entered my program, with the willingness to learn as much as possible and unsure of what career I wanted for myself. However, with the opportunities that SLC provided me with, I was able to become a graduate, with a career goal in mind and the passion for Project Management.

Katherine Westenbroek

Katherine Westenbroek

Bachelor of Science Nursing

St. Lawrence College has been a big part of my academic journey, and the gateway to now beginning my professional career. I will always be grateful for the friendships, connections, and opportunities that I have had through my experience at SLC.

Brockville Campus

Zachariah John Stant (he/him)

Business, Cary, North Carolina

I would like to thank my professors, classmates, SAC teammates, and SLC employees for the educational and enjoyable experience during my diploma which helped me significantly grow as a student and a person throughout my experiences with them throughout my journey at SLC.

Megan Simon, BScN Y4, RPN, BSc (she/they)

BScN, Brockville

Drawing upon my experience as a graduate of SLC, I aspire to inspire and empower future nurses to excel in their academic and professional pursuits. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of giving back to the college that has played a significant role in shaping my career and look forward to making a positive impact on the lives of students and the broader healthcare community.