Security and Emergency Procedures

St. Lawrence College is committed to providing a safe place for our community members to study, work, live and visit.

Each of our campuses have a dedicated team of Security professionals on site who are able to assist you with any security concerns or general inquiries. Through a combination of guard patrols and CCTV monitoring, this team works proactively to address issues before they become a problem.

Get the SLC Safe App from the Apple Store or Google Play. One more way to keep you informed at SLC. Anyone returning to campus is required to download the SLC Safe App. The app will send you important safety alerts & provide instant access to campus safety resources. 

It is important to remember however, that the pursuit of Safety and Security must be a team effort. Each one of us needs to assume a certain amount of responsibility for our own personal safety. To that end, there are a number of steps that we can take every day, in order to maximize your safety while on Campus.

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Don’t leave personal property unattended.
  • Know the location of the emergency exits for your area.
  • Have the number for Campus Security programmed into your cell phone.
  • Use the Lone Worker Program.
  • Lock your vehicle and do not leave items of value in plain sight.
  • Ask the Security staff for an escort to your vehicle.

Emergency Procedures

Find details regarding COVID-19 protocols on campus, vaccination and mandatory mask policies, requirements for accessing campus, and more here.

  • Activate the fire alarm (if not sounding)
  • Dial ext. 5555 – college security (Kingston: 613.544.5400, Brockville: 613.345.0660, Cornwall: 613.933.6080)
  • Close any open doors and windows as you exit
  • Evacuate the building using the nearest safe exit
  • Remain calm
  • Stop all activities (meetings, teaching, etc.)
  • Follow instructions given to you by college officials
  • Exit the building via the closest safe exit
  • Do not block roadways or doorways
  • Wait outside, away from the building, for the “All Clear” announcement
  • Dial ext. 5555 – college security (Kingston: 613.544.5400, Brockville: 613.345.0660, Cornwall: 613.933.6080)
  • Remain at the scene until help arrives (security, ambulance, fire, etc.)

During periods of inclement weather, it may be necessary for the College to cancel classes and services. That decision will be based on the ability of the College to ensure that our parking lots, roadways and walkways can be suitably cleared in order to permit safe entrance and egress from our buildings. Both the availability of public transportation and the travel and driving risks posed by the weather to the members of the College community may also influence the decision to cancel classes. Every attempt will be made to communicate the notice of cancellation to radio outlets and social media sites by 6:30 am and by 3:00 pm in the case of cancelled evening classes.

To report an accident or injury on-campus visit the Campus Security Office or call ext. 5555 from any campus phone.  You can also complete an online report which can be located through SLC.ME or on the "SLC SAFE" app.

If you require an alternative version of this information to meet your accessibility needs please contact or ext. 5555.