Meal Plan

Why get a Meal Plan?

  • No need to carry cash
  • Anyone can top up at any time - money is transferred instantaneously!
  • You can use it at any food kiosk on your home campus
  • No interact fees!
  • Savings to students on most items (a minimum of $1,145 per deposit is required to qualify for a tax exemption on most purchases)

Students: A minimum of $25 can be deposited to start a meal plan. However if you wish to save the taxes a minimum of $1,145 must be deposited each time to your account to qualify you for a tax exemption. The tax exemption applies to most items except for snack items such as chips, candy bars, and pop or water purchased without a food item.

Staff: A minimum of $25 can be deposited to start a meal plan. Any amount can be added to a staff meal plan. There is no tax exemption for faculty; this only applies to full-time students.

Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit, or cash. The payment can made at your campus Food Services office, or you can call your campus Food Services Office to top up a meal plan. Upon receipt, the payment will be deposited immediately onto the Meal Plan account. Be sure to bring your student identification number.

Refunds: If you leave the College as part of an academic withdrawal, a $75 administration fee will be deducted, and the remaining balance of the Meal Plan will be refunded with proper documentation.


Option 1 - $2,490 ($1,145 + $100 flex per semester) * tax exemption
Option 2 - $2,180 ($990 + $100 flex per semester)

  • Students experiencing OSAP deferrals will not have money on their meal plan account until residence receives the payment.
  • Your meal plan is set up on a debit card system for convenience.
  • The Meal Plan will provide the student with an approximate value of $11.22 or $9.70 per day depending on your plan option.
  • The money on the meal plan is not meant to be the only source of food. It is a supplement for meal requirements.
  • $100 flex dollars are to be used exclusively at St. Larry’s Pub
  • If a student card is lost or misplaced students must come to the Food Service Office immediately to avoid theft or misuse of meal plan funds. The card will be cancelled, and a temporary student card issued until the lost card is found or a replacement card is provided.
  • All money remaining on the meal plan account transfers from semester 1 to semester 2.
  • Should students require more money on their Meal Plan, additional money can be added to the meal plan by going directly to the Food Service Office.
  • Any student having trouble using their meal plan, or who requires further assistance should visit the Food Service Office located in the Main Cafeteria.

2023 Meal Plan Brochure (pdf)