Meal Plan

Why get a Meal Plan?

  • No need to carry cash
  • Anyone can top up at any time - money is transferred instantaneously!
  • You can use it at any food kiosk on your home campus
  • No interact fees!
  • Savings to students on most items (a minimum of $1000 per deposit is required to qualify for a tax exemption on most purchases)

Students: A minimum of $25 can be deposited to start a meal plan. However if you wish to save the taxes a minimum of $1000 must be deposited each and every time to your account to qualify you for a tax exemption. The tax exemption applies to everything with the exception of snack items such as chips, candy bars, and pop or water purchased without a food item.

Staff: A minimum of $25 can be deposited to start a meal plan. Any amount can be deposited to a staff meal plan. There is no tax exemption for faculty; this only applies to full-time students.

Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit, cash or cheque made payable to Brown’s Fine Foods Services. The payment can be dropped off at your local Food Services management office or you can call your local Food Service Office to top up a meal plan. The payment will be deposited immediately onto the account; the only requirement needed is the student identification number.

Refunds: Any balance left in your Meal Plan at the end of the fall semester will automatically be carried forward to the next school year. However if you leave the College as part of an academic withdrawal, a $50 administration fee* will be deducted, and the remaining balance of the Meal Plan will be refunded with proper documentation.

*For the 2019 fall semester, the $50 administration fee will be waived for academic withdrawals.

Kingston Campus - Residence Student Meal Plan Details

Option 1 - $2,000 ($1000 per semester) * tax exemption
Option 2 - $1,700 ($750 + $100 tx = $850 per semester, inclusive of HST)

  • Students experiencing OSAP deferrals will not have money on their meal plan account until residence receives the payment.
  • Your meal plan is set up on a debit card system for convenience.
  • If a student eats every day during the first and second semester the amount to exhaust funds would be a value of $9.80 or $7.35 per day depending on your plan option.
  • The money on the meal plan is not meant to be the only source of food. It is a supplement for meal requirements.
  • If a student card is lost or misplaced students must come to the Food Service Office immediately to avoid theft or misuse of meal plan funds. The card will be cancelled, and a temporary student card issued until the lost card is found or a replacement card is provided.
  • All money remaining on the meal plan account transfers from semester 1 to semester 2, and any amount remaining will carry over to the next school year and become taxable.
  • Should students require more money than $1,500.00, additional money can be added to the meal plan by going directly to the Food Service Office.
  • Any student experiencing difficulty using their meal plan, or require further assistance should visit the Food Service Office to make an appointment with Linda Noble, Operations Manager.

2019 Meal Plan Brochure (pdf)