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Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) - Pre-Apprenticeship Stream

Kingston Campus | Program Code: K1132
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Take the first step towards becoming an Industrial Mechanic (Millwright). This first-level pre-apprenticeship program is delivered over a total of 18 weeks from June 3 to October 4, 2024.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements needed to continue in an apprenticeship (pending employer sponsorship), participants will also receive three micro-credentials and a paid placement.

This pre-apprenticeship program is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) to develop more skilled tradespeople in response to Ontario’s shortage of skilled workers.


  • The funding includes your tuition, hand tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and all learning resources
  • The program includes an 8-week paid placement
  • As an MLITSD-funded program, your level 1 pre-apprenticeship training is automatically recognized by MLITSD

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Program Details

Code K1132
Start Date June
Credential Level 1 - apprenticeship and micro credential in Job Preparedness, Digital Literacy, and Communications
Campus Kingston
Program Length 10 Weeks + 8 Week Placement
Delivery Apprenticeship
Start Date: June 3rd, 2024

Program Highlights

In this program, participants will:

  • Focus on Level 1 in-class, as well as an introduction to secondary trade (3 hours/week) and safety
  • Develop skills and knowledge required to install, maintain, troubleshoot, overhaul, and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment
  • Be introduced to the Industrial Electrician trade with an introduction to basic instrumentation
  • Earn three micro-credentials in Workforce Preparedness, Digital Literacy, and Communication. Micro-Credentials are credentials that are transferable across disciplines and can be stand alone as requested by employers or stackable with other credentials to earn more comprehensive credentials

Program Outline


This course will allow the apprentice the opportunity to calculate safety factors used in rigging and hoisting procedures and the respective practical applications.

To develop in the apprentice the knowledge and ability to read welding drawings, apply safety rules, layout, measure, cut, tack, weld and assemble metal and other components to specifications.
This course will outline the concepts of basic electricity and electronics to thestudent. It will include electrical safety, codes and basic electrical circuits.
This course will enable the apprentice to read and interpret engineering drawings in order to determine layout procedures, machining sequences and checking operations.
This course is designed to prepare a Millwright apprentice to solve trade related problems, with particular applications in measurement and proportion
Upon successful completion of Instrumentation – ELEC 105, the apprentice is able to explain common terms used in instrumentation systems; work with the SI and Imperial system of measurement for pressure and temperature; convert between the four temperature scales; describe the operation, applications and limitations of thermocouples, thermistors and RTD's; install, connect and test thermocouples, thermistors and RTD's; identify deformation elements of pressure measuring equipment; determine the accuracy of pressure measuring equipment; explain relationships between gauge and absolute pressure, and vacuum; explain the operation, construction and applications of typical industrial pressure sensors;identify ISA instrumentation symbols and draw basic process (P) andInstrumentation (I) diagrams for pressure and temperature devices; explain theoperation of light and sound meters.


Admission Requirements

The apprentice must have: 

  • A secondary school diploma or equivalent

Other Requirements

There will be four entrance tests in Math, Reading Comprehension, Composition and Mechanical Aptitude followed by an interview in order to gain entrance to the program   



Your new career pathway is mapped out for you with this program that is not only tuition-free but includes your hand tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and all learning resources.


Our Kingston campus has seen significant renovation over the past few years, including a brand new Student Life and Innovation Centre that houses a new gymnasium, fitness centre, pub, and more.

Kingston Campus

Career Opportunities

Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights):

  • Are employed in manufacturing plants, utilities, and other industrial establishments
  • Earn upwards of $57 per hour in Canada
  • Are a Red Seal Trade, so when your apprenticeship is completed you will be given the professional designation RSE for Red Seal Endorsed

Fully qualified Red Seal Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights):

  • Read blueprints, diagrams, and schematic drawings
  • Install, align, dismantle, and move stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment such as pumps, fans, tanks, conveyors, furnaces, and generators
  • Operate hoisting and lifting devices such as cranes, jacks, and tractors to position machinery
  • Inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect and investigate irregularities and malfunctions
  • Install, troubleshoot, and maintain power transmission, vacuum, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, and programmable logic controls
  • Adjust machinery and repair or replace defective parts
  • Operate machine tools such as lathes and grinders to fabricate parts required during overhaul, maintenance, or set-up of machinery
  • Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work
  • Construct foundations for machinery or direct other workers to construct foundations
  • Assemble machinery and equipment prior to installation using hand and power tools and welding equipment

Program Contacts

Program Contact

David Osmond
613.544.5400 ext.3290

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