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Website Creation and Design

Available at: Online part-time


The Internet and the World Wide Web have revolutionized the way people communicate and the way organizations do business. As a result, there is a rapidly growing demand for computer professionals who know how to establish and maintain a Web site.

Many Internet users around the globe are looking for high-tech training institutions to provide up-to-the-minute education on the latest program software. This certificate will help you take advantage of the great employment opportunities in this field.

To successfully complete this program, participants must complete five (5) compulsory courses and two (2) electives.


  • For your convenience, some online courses can be started at different times throughout the semester, just choose the course date that fits your schedule.
  • The demand for part-time courses has increased to the point that we recommend you register early to ensure your acceptance into the course.
  • Online courses are easily identified by CS at the beginning of the course code (i.e. CSSE 65 Accounting Basics 1)
  • Textbooks and additional materials may be required for these courses. YOU are responsible for purchasing your textbooks and any additional materials for all courses. Please make a note of your course code (CS##) and see the bottom of this page for book order procedure.
  • This certificate has recently updates its curriculum. If you had declared your interest for the certificate prior to the Fall 2019 semester please contact us by email at to review your transcript for completion with previous curriculum.

Visit the Online and Continuing Education catalogue for course details and to register.



Graduates from the program may find employment opportunities in entry level positions with advertising agency, graphic design agency, information technology consulting firm, self-employed entrepreneur providing contracted web design and development services to companies and organizations, web development firm, web content manager and web designer.

Program Name

Website Creation and Design

Program Code




Start Dates


Program Duration

Part-time; Students have a maximum of five years to complete the program.

Location (Campus)

Online part-time

Canadian Fees

See registration link above.

International Fees

See registration link above.

Additional Costs


Scholarships and Bursaries


Program Outline 2020-21

Core Courses (5 Courses Ruquired)
CSDU 46 HTML Introduction (online)
CSLO212 Adobe Photoshop 1
CSLO 117 Adobe Dreamweaver
CSLO 43 Design Basics
CSDU 167 Dynamic Websites with AMP

Electives (2 Courses Required)
CSLO 53 Java Introduction
CSLO 54 Java Intermediate
CSLO 117 Adobe Dreamweaver
CSDU 35 JavaScript
CSDU15 HTML Intermediate

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

SLC graduates have many options to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Agreements between SLC and other institutions that are specific to this program are listed below. In addition, there are many credit transfer pathway agreements between colleges and universities within the province of Ontario. Please also visit to search for options relevant to your program area of study.

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants to the program must hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (O.S.S.D.) or equivalent or must qualify for mature student status (19 years of age or older).



    Health Requirements



    Attending the Office Administration - Legal/Medical program was the best decision I could have ever made. I knew I wanted to attend St. Lawrence College after learning they offered the Office Administration Legal and Medical diploma programs to be taken simultaneously. Taking the dual program has created so many opportunities for me. I highly encourage anyone interested in the Office Administration field to take the dual diploma program. The teachers are all so wonderful and dedicated to ensuring success in every student. The placement opportunities really prepared me for entering the work world, especially when I was offered a job from one of my placements.

     I am a proud to have graduated with distinction from the Office Administration - Legal/Medical program at St. Lawrence College, and proud of the career path my education has allowed me to achieve.

    Amanda Keyes

    Program Contact

    Sara Barrie, Program Officer (OntarioLearn)

    Admissions Information

    Connect with a Student Recruitment Officer:

    International Students Contact:

    Additional Information

    Advanced Standing

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