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Music Theatre - Performance

Available at: Brockville


The Music Theatre - Performance program gives aspiring musical theatre professionals theoretical and practical training in three core disciplines of acting, singing and dance. Our faculty of experienced professionals guide students through personalized instruction and coaching, as well as courses in stagecraft, musical theatre history, music theory and audition preparation. This demanding “triple threat” program allows you to hone your skills by performing in front of audiences in studio, main stage productions and in our unique touring productions where students learn to create and produce original theatrical pieces. Our students receive mentoring from faculty and guest industry professionals to become competent and job-ready for a competitive and rapidly changing industry.

Learn more - download the Music Theatre - Performance Program Brochure (pdf)


  • Guest industry experts provide unique learning opportunities through workshops in specialized skills and techniques to augment the core curriculum. 
  • Students perform in multiple musical productions including performances at the Brockville Arts Centre, recognized as one of the finest historic theatres in Eastern Ontario.
  • Our campus is situated in a safe, historic community along the St. Lawrence River with easy access to three of Canada's largest cities, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Audition Now! Student for a Day

Stage Season 2019-2020

Our shows this year will be The Little Mermaid, Spring Awakening, HONK!, and Sweet Charity. Please click here for show times and ticket information.       

Meet the Faculty

Learn more about the professors and Voice Teachers and Guest Artists in the Music Theatre - Performance program.

Our Alumni

Our Alumni are often seen on TV, on the stage and in various productions. Check out where our alumni are now for a peek at some of our recent grads.

Career Opportunities

The Music Theatre – Performance program prepares you to work in the professional entertainment industry, including large scale commercial musicals, summer theatre, night clubs, cruise lines, industrial shows, film and television.

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Program Name

Music Theatre - Performance

Program Code



Ontario College Advanced Diploma

Start Dates


Program Duration

3 Years

Location (Campus)


Canadian Fees

To view a detailed fee schedule, please click here. The fee schedule will open as a PDF in a new window.

International Fees

To view a detailed International fee schedule, please click here. The fee schedule will open as a PDF in a new window.

Additional Costs

Students are required to maintain private singing (technique) and portfolio (repertoire) lessons throughout the duration of the program. Your one-on-one coaches are assigned to you from the Music Theatre - Performance teaching staff. The cost of your private lessons is included in the tuition and compulsory fees quoted above.

Scholarships and Bursaries

St. Lawrence College offers an extensive Student Scholarship and Bursary Program. Scholarships and bursaries for this purpose are sponsored by external organizations and private individuals. These awards recognize our academic excellence, community involvement, contribution to the quality of College life, outstanding achievement and professional potential. For more details visit Bursaries and Scholarships.

Program Outline 2020-21

Semester 1
MUTH 4  Jazz 1
MUTH 8 Ballet 1
MUTH 11 Ensemble Singing 1
MUTH 22  Tap 1
MUTH 95 Script Analysis 1
MUTH 100 Musical Theatre Performance 1
MUTH 101 Acting 1
MUTH 102 Music Literacy Theory 1
MUTH 103 Musical Theatre History 1
MUTH 104 Voice and Speech/Movement 1
MUTH 106 Applied Performance 1
MUTH 107 Ear Training, Sight Singing & Keyboarding 1
MUTH 108 Vocal Technique 1
General Education Course (Required)

Semester 2
MUTH 15 Jazz 2
MUTH 16 Ballet 2
MUTH 21 Ensemble Singing 2
MUTH 23 Tap 2
MUTH 96 Script Analysis 2
MUTH 200 Music Theatre History 2
MUTH 201 Acting 2
MUTH 202 Applied Performance 2
MUTH 203 Voice and Speech/Movement 2
MUTH 204 Music Literacy Theory 2
MUTH 205 Musical Theatre Performance 2
MUTH 206 Performance Showcase
MUTH 207 Ear Training, Sight Singing and Keyboarding 2
MUTH 208 Vocal Technique 2
MUTH 209 Physical Warm Up Techniques 2

Semester 3
MUTH 32 Ballet 3
MUTH 36 Jazz 3
MUTH 49 Tap 3
MUTH 300 Musical Theatre Scene Study 1
MUTH 301 Acting 3
MUTH 302 Performance Placement 1
MUTH 303 Musical Theatre Performance 3
MUTH 304 Applied Performance 3
MUTH 308 Vocal Tehnique 3
MUTH 306 Voice, Speech, and Movement 3
MUTH 307 Musical Literacy Theory 3
General Education Course (Required)

Semester 4
MUTH 53 Jazz 4
MUTH 59 Ballet 4
MUTH 62 Tap 4
MUTH 94 Applied performance
MUTH 400 Acting 4
MUTH 401 Performance Placement 2
MUTH 402 Musical Theatre Performance 4
MUTH 403 Musical Theatre Scene Study 2
MUTH 408 Vocal Technique 4
MUTH 405 Voice, Speech, and Movement 4
MUTH 406 Musical Literacy Theory 4

Semester 5
MUTH 58 Original Performance
MUTH 63 Jazz 5
MUTH 67 Ballet 5
MUTH 76 Tap 5
MUTH 500 Dance Audition 1
MUTH 501 Performance Placement 3
MUTH 502 Musical Theatre Audition Techniques
MUTH 503 Theatre Business and Promotion
MUTH 505 Acting 5
MUTH 508 Vocal Technique 5
General Education Elective (Online)

Semester 6
MUTH 80 Ballet 6
MUTH 84 Jazz 6
MUTH 90 Acting 6
MUTH 92 Tap 6
MUTH 504 Performance Placement 4
MUTH 600 Performance Placement 5
MUTH 603 Audition Simulation
MUTH 608 Vocal Technique 6
MUTH 605 Applied Acting

Articulation & Credit Transfer Opportunities

SLC graduates have many options to continue their studies with post-secondary institutions across Canada and around the world. Agreements between SLC and other institutions that are specific to this program are listed below. In addition, there are many credit transfer pathway agreements between colleges and universities within the province of Ontario. Please also visit to search for options relevant to your program area of study.

>>More information on these SLC Articulations

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including the following prerequisites:

  • Grade 12 English at the C or U level
  • Grade 11 Math
  • Successful performance audition (there is a fee to audition) 

For OSSD equivalency options, see Admission Requirements.

If you are missing prerequisite courses, enroll in the Career/College Prep program - free for Ontario residents who are 19 years or older. Click here for full details

Performance Audition

There are two ways an applicant can complete a performance audition:

  1. Attend an audition in person. All applicants must complete and submit an application to audition form prior to their audition date. Download the audition form (pdf). Click here to learn more about performance auditions, including upcoming dates and locations.
  2. If you can't attend an audition in person, you audition via an electronic submission by sending program coordinator Janet Venn-Jackson a YouTube submission that includes all required audition elements as detailed on the audition form (pdf). Please ensure you present a classical plié, a classical tendu, a single or double pirouette right and left side, a time step and a one-minute dance combination of the musical theatre genre on your audition YouTube submission.
If you're interested in applying to our Music Theatre - Performance program, we would love to have you come to our Brockville campus and experience our program as student-for-a-day. Contact program coordinator Janet Venn-Jackson to arrange a date and time.


Health Requirements


I think the biggest strength in Brockville is the community support we have. I’ll be out at the grocery store and people will come up to me and say ‘you were in such-and-such show’ and you really don’t see that anywhere else. Our school is making individual performers and I really think we’re the only school doing that. You’re going to be yourself here, and you’re going to be the best performer you can be.

Eric McDace

Program Contact

Janet Venn-Jackson

Admissions Information

Connect with a Student Recruitment Officer:

International Students Contact:

Additional Information

Admission to the Joint Bachelor of Music Theatre program between St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University
Admission to the joint Bachelor of Music Theatre program between St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University begins with an application through the OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre) website ( using the QMT program code. The Ontario Secondary School prerequisites for the program include English 4U and one additional 4U course in addition to four other courses at the 4U or 4M level. Applicants outside of Ontario should visit for program requirements. Following your application, you must successfully complete an audition through St. Lawrence College. Auditions will take place in Brockville, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario. Those residing outside of these areas are to submit a digital audition. Upon receipt of your application you will be sent more information regarding the audition process. For information regarding your audition please contact Janet Venn-Jackson, Program Coordinator, at

Programs at St. Lawrence College are delivered using a variety of instruction modes. Courses may be offered in the classroom or lab, entirely online, or in a hybrid mode which combines classroom sessions with online learning activities. Program delivery can be run weekdays, weekends or evenings. Upon registration, each full-time student is provided a St. Lawrence College email account which is used to communicate important information about program or course events.

Classes are held in studio space designated for this program.

Recommended Background

It is essential that students demonstrate ability, experience and interest in musical theatre. Prospective students should take dance, theatre arts, and music courses while in high school. Private dance, voice and piano lessons and participation in community theatre are assets.

Because of the extremely physical nature of our program and its demanding schedule, it is essential that proper nutrition, proper sleep habits, and regular physical activity be part of your lifestyle to maintain your health and well-being.

Advanced Standing

Applicants with post-secondary credits may be eligible for direct entry to an upper level of the program (semester or year) depending on transfer credits. Select the applicable level when applying at and ensure that we receive your official post-secondary transcript for consideration. If you are unsure what level to apply for, please contact the program coordinator.
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