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Thinking of applying to St. Lawrence College? We continue to accept qualified applicants to open programs. This list shows the programs that are currently closed or waitlisted for new applicants; please note this list is subject to change. All other programs remain open. Have questions? Contact a College Career Advisor at 1-800-463-0752 or

CLOSED – no new applications will be accepted
WAITLISTED – qualified applicants will be placed on a waitlist
SUSPENDED – there will be no intake this term. All other programs are open for applications at this time.

Program codes: B = Brockville campus. C = Cornwall campus. K= Kingston campus.

Availability for Winter 2018

Winter 2018 programs are now closed for International Applicants.

C0295 Business  - Cornwall  CLOSED

C0259 Business - Accounting - Cornwall  CLOSED

C0293 Business Administration - Cornwall  CLOSED

C0659 Business Administration - Accounting - Cornwall  CLOSED

K0887 Business Analytics  CLOSED

C0973 Business Fundamentals - Cornwall  CLOSED

C0457 Computer Networking & Technical Support  CLOSED

B0682 Early Childhood Education Online CLOSED

B0829 Early Childhood Education Online Fast-Track  CLOSED

B0478 General Arts & Science - Certificate - Brockville  CLOSED

C0478 General Arts & Science - Certificate - Cornwall  CLOSED

K0478 General Arts & Science - Certificate - Kingston  CLOSED

K0478AA  General Arts & Science - Applied Arts - Kingston  CLOSED

C0478SS  General Arts & Science - Social Sciences - Cornwall  CLOSED

K0478SS  General Arts & Science - Social Sciences - Kingston  CLOSED

C0478TE  General Arts & Science - Technology - Cornwall  CLOSED

K0478TE  General Arts & Science - Technology - Kingston  CLOSED

B0550 General Arts & Science - Diploma - Brockville  CLOSED

C0550 General Arts & Science - Diploma - Cornwall  CLOSED

K0550 General Arts & Science - Diploma - Kingston  CLOSED

K0985 Health Care Administration  CLOSED

K0620 Office Administration - General  CLOSED

K0986 Office Administration - Health Services  CLOSED

K0621 Office Administration - Legal  CLOSED

K0824 Office Administration - Legal/Health Services  CLOSED

B0960 Police Foundations Online CLOSED

B0989 Police Foundations Online Fast-Track  CLOSED

K0633 Veterinary Assistant CLOSED

All SLC Winter 2018 and Spring 2018 programs offered at Alpha International Academy and Canadian College are now closed for new applications.