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When should I expect to hear if I have been accepted for Fall 2021?

  • We will start sending offers February 1, 2021 for most programs.
  • If you have applied to one or more of our highly competitive programs, we will begin to release offers the week of March 1, 2021.

What if I have not heard from the college?

  • Check online at and make sure we have the right email and mailing address for you. Check your email account frequently for updated information. Make sure the $95.00 payment went through - we do not receive any application until that is processed.
  • Refer to the applicant portal in to check your status.
  • Status inquiries can be sent to

How do I make sure I have a spot in my program for September?

What if I get a notice saying I am on a waitlist?

  • If you are on the waitlist, it means that you qualified for the program however we had more applicants that we have space for. You can remain on the waitlist and we will send you an offer if space becomes available.

Where do I get help if I am having trouble with my account?

Where do I ask questions about immunizations or police checks?

  • You may be enrolled in a program which requires up-to-date immunizations. Please click here for more information. Check the program page to see if your program requires a background check for your placement.

How do I hear about residence and if I have a room?

  • You can apply for residence once you have ACCEPTED your offer at SLC. Visit the Residence page to learn more and to apply. 
  • Once you receive confirmation that you have a room, you must pay the residence deposit by the deadline to secure your room.

Where do I pay my fees?

  • Visit and click on the FEES icon in the Applicant Hub. Once you have paid your deposit you can see the balance owing. You will need to pay your deposit and the full tuition fees by the respective due dates. There are various fee payment options for you including paying on-line through, electronic banking at your financial institution, credit card, or certified cheque or money order. Personal cheques and cash are not accepted. Fee schedules are available on the college's website.

If I have paid for residence does that mean I have a spot in my program?

  • NO – you must pay for residence and tuition separately. 

When will the condition be removed from my offer?

  • When we receive a transcript with your final mark for the outstanding requirement, the academic condition will be removed. If the condition was non-academic, such as Royal Conservatory Music Intermediate Rudiments Level 6, audition or portfolio, please follow the instructions you were given.

Do the same deadlines apply to me if my offer was conditional?

  • YES, you will still need to confirm and pay fees by the published deadlines. In addition you must meet the condition of your admission by the due date shown in the Applicant Hub at

When do I get my schedule?

  • Students who have accepted their offer by the required date and have met all the payment deadlines, will have access to their timetables through, in the middle of August.

When do I get my booklist?

  • Students who have accepted their offer by the required date and have met all the payment deadlines, will have access to their booklist through, in August.

What if I have an RESP?

  • A verification of enrolment is available in the student portal after you’ve accepted your offer. This form can be printed and submitted to your RESP provider. An RESP form cannot be submitted in lieu of payment. Students with RESP forms are still responsible to pay their deposit and tuition by the due date. RESP scholarships are issued directly to the student.

What happens if I have credits from another program or another college or University that I would like to transfer?

  • We have someone at the College dedicated to helping students who want to transfer credits from another institution. Click here for information about transfer credits. Contact the Credit Transfer Advisor at if you have any questions.
  • Please also note that students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Laurentian University collaborative program follow Laurentian’s Transfer Credit Policy.