Student Engagement Session - Integrated Mental Health Strategy

Information Session
Wednesday, February 8, 2023
11:00 AM

Mental Health Together - SLC's Integrated Mental Health Strategy

Event Overview

SLC students are invited to attend this Engagement Session to learn more about and to provide input on a final Integrated Mental Health Strategy (IMHS) for the College. 

** Attendees will be entered into draws for great prizes! **

What is the IMHS? The IMHS was identified as a strategic initiative in last year’s Business Plan and is an important way SLC is demonstrating its commitment to the wellbeing of everyone in the community, students, and employees alike. The objective of the strategy is to create empowered, resilient, and healthy campus communities promoting positive mental health and well-being, supporting a culture of connectedness, safety and belonging, and enabling students and employees to flourish and succeed.

More specifically, objectives also include: 

  1. Education, training, and behavioural change that encompasses all aspects of health and well-being. 
  2. Access for all to proactive, prevention-focused, and supportive resources to create a healthy, resilient College community. 
  3. Reducing the stigma associated with mental health through awareness, health promotion, outreach, and inclusivity. 
  4. Enhancing partnerships across SLC campuses and local communities to equalize access to wellness and engagement opportunities. 

Working since last June, the Integrated Mental Health Task Force identified five key pillars of focus:  

  • Literacy, Education, and Stigma Reduction 
  • Academic Supports 
  • Workplace Support 
  • Physical Environment 
  • Culture Change 

The Task Force also highlighted the pervasive mental health crisis experienced by ever-increasing numbers of our students, and our employees. In recent years, student mental health service needs have increased by over 100%, and tragically, SLC lives have been lost to mental health and addiction struggles.

A finalized strategy will address these problems and reflect SLC’s commitment to improving the well-being of every member of our community. Engagement SessionsThe Task Force is now inviting employees and students to attend an Engagement Session on Teams for updates on their work to date, and collaboration toward a finalized plan. Did we say that attendees will be entered into draws for great prizes?! :)


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